Ephraim's Book Launch Cake

Fey Izlyesende’s Riddle

A Chesterfield in the forward sitting room

A Chesterfield in the forward sitting room

We are now on our way home after a splendid day of riding in Wizard Kadmeion’s airship.

During today’s trip, the wizard explained the differences between various magical minutiae. His Clockpunk Wizard skills are so ~twisty~, even I have to stop and puzzle them out. Who knew there were such differences between magical thingummys, dodads, and whatnots.

Sir Bright told us about the magical expectations of a twice-seventh son. Now we know about elf magic.

What a wonderful time we had during our overland excursion on Veldt Island. We saw a rare Beach Rhinoceros. Too bad we didn’t see Dragon Betrayal, but we can visit her another time. Furgo even showed us the new treasure he keeps under his bed.

Ephraim's Book Launch Cake

Ephraim’s Book Launch Cake

Let’s settle ourselves in the forward sitting room with the magicians and have some cake to celebrate their new story, Ephraim’s Curious Device. Here, go ahead and take a seat on the Chesterfield. It’s comfy.

You’ve outdone yourself this time, Kadmeion. What type of wizardly magic transforms a cake in to a book? That cover is perfect. You even made the sides look like book pages. Look, Izlyesende. Kadmeion put you on the book cover, along with an image of your home on Hurt Isle. Don’t look so sad. You are among friends who will protect you and the other fey.

This cake tastes divine. It has the delicious flavors of lemon, cream, and some sweetness I cannot place. Is this cake magic, Kadmeion? Sorry for the silly question. Of course, it is.

Furgo tells me, Sir Fey Izlyesende, that you have something to tell us? You have a riddle? Kadmeion, Bright, and I love riddles. Tell away. I’ll repeat it so everyone else can hear.

Black horsemen, white horsemen

Wait in a checkered land.

Obey their master’s ken

But desire wings grand.

What a clever riddle, Izlyesende. It’s not silly or naughty, but very inspired. I’m stumped. Has anyone else figured it out? Looks like Kadmeion has solved it, and I’m not surprised. He is a very clever wizard, after all. Will you tell us the answer, Sir Wizard. No? But you will magick an image instead?

Knight chessmen desire Pegasus wings

Knight chessmen desire Pegasus wings

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