Welcome to the Evil Circus

Evil Circus: Your Wildest Desire

Rouge-Painted Cheeks and Shapely Scarlet Lips

Rouge-Painted Cheeks and Shapely Scarlet Lips

Cirque du Méchant has come to Halloween Town, close enough that you hear the calliope’s screams in Lita’s castle. Not all fantasy worlds are bright and full of whistling elves. This Evil Circus is a dark carnival filled madness, magic, and grinning clowns.

Step right this way, ladies and gentlemen, and visit the Evil Circus. It sprang up outside of town last night like a pale mushroom.

The gaudy flapping canvas of an enormous tent dominates what yesterday was the Smith’s south pasture. A Ferris wheel soars above everything like a glistening tiara. Elephants trumpet. Tigers roar. Even their manure has an exotic stench.

A Ferris Wheel Soars Above Everything

A Ferris Wheel Soars Above Everything

Lovely women with rouge-painted cheeks and shapely scarlet lips smile and tease. Handsome men wearing top hats beguile you with promises of wonder beyond your wildest desire.

Why resist?  You surrender only money, not your soul, for a ticket to this freaky show. At least initially.

Next Time: Childhood Gone Dark

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