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Review: My Déjà vu Lover

My Déjà vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews is a contemporary romance about April, a twenty-something woman who relives flashbacks about an alluring boyfriend in a past life.

Flashbacks Plunge April Into the Starlet’s Life

Flashbacks Plunge April Into the Starlet’s Life

April is an out-of-work store clerk with three inseparable best friends named Cyd, Mac, and Tom. Her life is going along just fine until a terrifying vision of a car crash that killed a 1950s Hollywood starlet drops April into this woman’s last moments. At the most inconvenient times, more flashbacks plunge April into the starlet’s life before the crash. The actress’s love-struck visions swirl around her infatuation with a married leading man.

Her three friends humor April, convinced that she is making things up. But the ongoing visions show the starlet’s name. Tom flies April to the actress’s hometown where April discovers that this starlet was a real person. The four friends write it off to coincidence.

Then the starlet’s reincarnated lover walks into April’s life. She cannot resist this modern-day married man, and her life becomes stuck on the same path as the doomed starlet.

The Kind of Guy That Mothers Warn Their Daughters About

The Kind of Guy That Mothers Warn Their Daughters About

My Déjà vu Lover is a page-turner story about a likable heroine who cannot resist temptation–again.

Past lives and reincarnation have a fresh treatment here, and the plot delivers a nice mix of mystery and forbidden love. Phoebe Matthews creates believable, modern-day characters. The reincarnated lover is the kind of guy that mothers warn their daughters about, but alas, these charming hunks are just irresistible.

Gentle Readers who love time travel romances would enjoy My Déjà vu Lover. Just remember mother’s warnings about those seductive leading men.

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