Review: My Wizard Buddy

My Wizard Buddy by Brian Wu and Scott Spotson is a middle grades fantasy about 11-year-old Tyler Dunsmore and his adventures with a magic-wielding youngster wizard.

Magic-wielding youngster wizard

Magic-wielding youngster wizard

Life just isn’t fair for young Tyler. His insufferable older sister is possessive of her electronic tablet–a treasure that has the hottest video game around. She uses the tablet to send stupid text messages to her friends, and Tyler’s parents scream at him to give it back. He is sulking outside when Dirk, an odd-talking lad, introduces himself and wants to be best friends. What is so odd about the new boy? First of all, Dirk announces that he is from another planet. A disbelieving Tyler scoffs. Then Dirk disappears. Literally. A moment later, Dirk pops back into view, and Tyler is a believer.

The Odd-Talking Lad is a Boy Wizard

The Odd-Talking Lad is a Boy Wizard

What follows is a fun romp filled with young boy adventures that only a like-minded little wizard can deliver. My Wizard Buddy is a charmer of a young YA fantasy story. Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s “boy adventure” stories, but much lighter in tone and set with modern-day props.

Tyler is a well-drawn, believable little boy who just loves video games. Dirk is a lonely kid who shows great restraint in using his incredible magical powers.

My Wizard Buddy is a kid’s cool world for sure, plus it makes the adult reader smile. Remember those childhood days when having a magic-wielding best friend would have been the finest thing ever? That childhood dream-come-true world is in My Wizard Buddy.

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