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Enter Here for Fantasy

Lita's Cauldron Works

Lita’s Cauldron Works

Lita takes a break from the cauldron works and describes the new ways to visit her fantasy worlds.

Why should Gentle Reader put down your warm Kindle and turn to a smart phone or laptop to check out Lita’s latest post? Have Lita’s blog delivered directly to your e-book reader instead.

 Lita Burke’s Blog Available on Amazon Kindle

Want to use a syndicated reader and share Lita’s fantasy worlds through a RSS feed? Here are the spells that Lita prepared for your viewing pleasure.

 Lita Burke’s Blog Available on RSS

WordPress can deliver Lita’s blog posts directly to your email box by way of electronic carrier pigeons. Look for the Follow Blog via Email heading at the top right sidebar to find the skullduggery that summons the birds.

Note that the sidebar spell says “You are following this blog” if Gentle Reader already summoned the pigeons.

Cheshire Cat Hides Under the “W”

Cheshire Cat Hides Under the “W”

Are you a WordPress blogger? Did you use the Follow feature? If so, then Lita’s blog posts prowl in your WordPress Reader.

This lovely Cheshire Cat of a feature hides under the “W” in the top left side of your browser. Log on to WordPress before you talk to the grinning cat.

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