A Resident of the Floating Lands

New: Lita’s Floating Lands Video

A Resident of the Floating Lands

A Resident of the Floating Lands

It’s time to roll out another of Lita’s fantasy worlds–Floating Lands.  This month is a look at lighter-than-air islands, levitating people, and soaring cows. Check out Lita’s just-released Floating Lands video.

Been There, Done That

We have all visited floating lands–do you dream you can fly? When asleep, we soar like a lark or hover like hummingbirds.

Sometimes when your legs feel so heavy during your morning run, or you’re at a standstill in commuter traffic, do you look to the sky and marvel at a bird’s effortless glide on the wind? If you parachute, then you have felt the breathless sensation of floating. Ditto if you’ve flown in a zero-G airplane or hovered in the blast of a wind tunnel.

Fantasy Fiction Loves to Fly

Fantasy fiction is airborne.  The King of Eagles plucks the imprisoned wizard from atop his enemy’s tower. Sparkly-faced vampires leap the distance of soccer fields from balconies to treetops. Any sorceress worth her pointy hat can levitate a feather or a boulder.

Come fly with Lita. Certain rock-lined airships, and entire islands, float effortlessly in the Forever Boy and Ephraim’s Curious Device stories.  Enchanters make dozens of flowers hover in the rafters in Tredan’s Bane.  Call Floating Lands magic surreal or bizarre, but be sure to have fun flying away in Lita’s new video.

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