Stiletto Heels and Cockney Slang

Review: Diabolical’s Penny Horror Scope Deadly Prediction

Stiletto Heels and Cockney Slang

Stiletto Heels and Cockney Slang

Diabolical’s Penny Horror Scope Deadly Prediction by Darcy Blaze

Warning: Story includes explicit sex.

Fiona, a good-looking Essex girl born and bred in Upminster, a part of the Northeast London’s sprawling suburbs, has enough of selfish losers.  She is a certified accountant looking for security and settling down.

Frankie, a small-time business man, owns four pubs, a couple of arcades, and has a villain’s reputation. A three-week whirlwind seduction of gifts and bling, followed by a surprise proposal topped with a three-carat diamond solitaire, has Fiona marrying Frankie in record time. When Frankie’s aphrodisiac of power fades, the only shine he gives her is the one below Fiona’s eye. Passion fades just as quickly as it came.

Fiona has always admired Frankie’s younger brother Reggie, who is a handsome model, an actor, educated, and more sophisticated than Frankie will ever be. A sexy tryst in a romantic slipper boat during a country gala affair at Marlow on the Thames seals the deal for Fiona. She married the wrong bloke.

Beware, Diabolical’s Penny Horror Scope Could Be Here

Beware, Diabolical’s Penny Horror Scope Could Be Here

After Frankie bumps off his bookkeeper, Fiona takes over the record keeping and launders her husband’s money through his arcade businesses. In addition to the love triangle, there is a fourth character, a carnival machine called Diabolical’s Penny Horror Scope. This one-of-a-kind machine has a history of predicting death for a certain few who play its game. Fiona sees how to use Diabolical to escape Frankie’s murderous ways.

Deadly Prediction immerses the reader in a gem of a fantasy world. Fiona’s confident narrative mixes London’s rainy weather and the sizzling make-believe bedroom antics with the playacting Reggie in to an unforgettable romp.

The story all but had me, a born Yank who has never been across the pond to London, talking cockney slang and strutting in stiletto heels. The sex scenes were explicit, but well written. The ending was delicious revenge mixed with the music of a Calliope. I recommend this story to anyone who loves evil carnival worlds, Brit Lit, and reading about a sure-of-herself Essex girl who doesn’t take gruff from her men.

Warning: Story includes explicit sex.

Deadly Prediction on Amazon USA

Deadly Prediction on Amazon UK

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