Let Us Eat Cake

Even wizards set their desserts on fire to celebrate

Here is the galley and adjoining dining room. Apologies to rush you through. The wizard requests the pleasure of our company in the front sitting room. The Chesterfield settee is especially comfortable.

Here is the celebration cake for the release of the Lita Burke novelette, Forever Boy.  The candles were Kadmeion’s idea. Bright spoke the spell to set them afire. The homunculi will serve our refreshments while we chat with the magicians.

Don’t look so shocked that Furgo refused a slice of cake. He thinks that sweets are horrid. Has something to do with him really being a dog instead of a boy. Again, Forever Boy explains why.

More Clockpunk Wizardry

Kadmeion and Bright don’t know it yet, but they will be in the thick of it in December when the next Clockpunk Wizard story comes out. If you want a sneak peek, take a look at Lita’s notes over here on the Ephraim’s Curious Device page. Meanwhile, we’ll let the two magicians enjoy the cake. Do you have any Magic Guild gossip to share with them?

Finished with the cake? Splendid. Copernicus says we have arrived at our destination. Time to go. I’ll walk you out. The gang plank is this way.

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