Review: The Library of Lost Books

The Library of Lost Books by Darius Jones

The central character Darius, an ad copy writer by day, plunges into the mystical world of The Library, where all of humanity’s lost or destroyed books live. A rich world awaits Darius. He experiences situations with misty temples, lashing thunderstorms, and forests filled with monkey chatter. Darius learns that The Library is threatened with destruction, and he sets out to investigate.

The Library’s steward is simply the “old man,” a mysterious sage who feeds Darius tea by the fireplace. Assistant librarians are Friedrich, a bourgeois with a handlebar moustache, and Heraclitus, a toga-clad Ephesian.

Darius’s adventures are sequences of dreamy images. I saw gritty beaches, surreal sand castles, and vine-encrusted edifices. The very best part of The Library of Lost Books is its homage to the literature in the accumulative canon of humankind. My compliments go this indie author for presenting a story with solid writing craft. I did not find a single flaw in the grammar, spelling, or formatting.

The only negatives about this story is that it is a complex reading experience. Some descriptive paragraphs filled a page or more, a technique that many readers frown upon. The multiple historical references, while enjoyable for me, again may not be to everyone’s tastes. The action sequences were description-filled narrative not having much movement. I would have loved to learn more about Friedrich and Heraclitus. The ending satisfied me, but others may miss the more typical nail-biting story climax found in other fiction.

I recommend this book.  It is a thoughtful read filled with lovely description and rich with languages.

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