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10,000 People Came to Look at Lita's Blog

10,000 Curious Came to See the Show

What a mad, grand day for Lita Burke’s blog. 10,000 views. Smiles from Lita for all of you lovely and curious Gentle Readers who visited.

Many Came to See the Show

Many Came to See the Show

Suppose there was a theater with seats for 10,000 souls who dropped in to see the show.

The main stage featured clever skits about belching dragonsriddling fey, and visiting artisans highlighting their magical yarns.

The theater has many alcoves, wee sideshows, and food hawkers in the wings who serve frightful and delightful treats.

See here is a woman who floats a foot above the floor without a fuss. Waiting nearby is a steampunk gent who tips his hat at you. In this dark props room is a lad who collects broken dolls for the Cirque du Méchant.

Curious Things Hide in the Side Rooms of Lita's Blog

Curious Things Hide in the Side Rooms of Lita’s Blog

The lobby brims with the scents of popcorn and spun sugar treats. Go ahead and have a taste.

Nestled in a lovely display case are books. Step up and sample these oh-so-tasty wonders:

Stop By and See a Sea Dragon Fight

Stop By and See a Sea Dragon Fight

Lita says thank you to all Gentle Readers who have visited her mad and grand blog that is the airship into her fantasy worlds. There are many new tales queuing up for the main stage. Workers are building more side rooms and always expanding the treats selection in the lobby. Stop by anytime to perhaps see sea dragons fighting and indulge in the fun.