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Magic in Threes: Most Viewed Blog Pictures in 2014

Where did Gentle Reader find the enchantments in Lita Burke’s fantasy worlds during 2014? Three is a magical number. Let’s take a look at the three most popular blog pictures for this year.


A Female Enchanter

A Female Enchanter

The first of the three most popular pictures with the Gentle Readers is a female enchanter from the Enchanters of Sye world of Wrath and Tredan’s Bane.

She holds a charm in her hand, and it glows with an Enchanter’s magical essence.

An "Ornithopter" Personal Flying Machine by Da Vinci

An “Ornithopter” Personal Flying Machine by Da Vinci

The second of the most popular Lita Burke blog pictures is an Ornithopter flying machine from the world of Clockpunk Wizard.

Wizard Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright use these Leonardo Da Vinci style flying machines in Old Bony Blue Eyes.

A Harpy in Ephraim's Curious Device

A Harpy in Ephraim’s Curious Device

The third of the three most popular pictures with the Gentle Readers of Lita’s blog is one of the lovely harpies from Ephraim’s Curious Device in the Clockpunk Wizard world.

This favorite harpy picture shows light ghostly wings, a curvy figure in fetching hot weather flying clothes, and a beautiful face.

Harpy Aerie on Strophades Island

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Harpy

The Bestiarum Vocabulum is the wizard’s encyclopedia of faerie beasties and mundane crossovers living in the lake and forest near Lita’s castle.

Harpy Queen

Harpy Queen

harpy [ˈhärpē ] noun,  c.1400; < L harpȳiae (plural) < Gr hárpȳiai (plural); literally, “snatchers” probably associated with harpazein, personification of hurricanes and whirlwinds.

  1. Denizen of the Clockpunk Wizard world.
  2. A lovely, woman-shaped creature with wide wings and long sweeping tail. Her feathers and hair color range from glossy brown to shimmering silver. Only the Queen has red tresses and tail feathers. These graceful aerial magicians live in aeries on the dual floating islands of Strophades (the larger of the two) and tiny Arpia (with the Queen’s private residence).
  3. Personages: Queen Tkun’winddance, Aello’stormswift, Celaeno’dark, Podarge’fleetfoot, and Ocypete’swiftwing in Ephraim’s Curious Device.
  4. See “Harpies are Misunderstood” and Siren in “3 Naughty Ladies of Fantasy Fiction

Ephraim’s Curious Device – Available Now

Celebrating Ephraim's Curious Device

A toast to Ephraim’s Curious Device

Wizard Kadmeion’s airship awaits at the aerodrome, and it is ready for you to come aboard for another adventure.

With great pleasure, I announce the release of the next Clockpunk Wizard story, Ephraim’s Curious Device.  The eBook is on sale now at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

If you haven’t yet viewed the Ephraim’s book trailer, be sure to take a minute (literally, it’s about a minute long) and see it here on YouTube. Here is the back cover blurb for Ephraim’s, and a little something about the earlier story Forever Boy.

I have also talked at some length about the Ephraim’s Curious Device book cover design in an earlier blog post. And here is a free look at Chapter 1.

It pleased me to update the original draft of Ephraim’s that I wrote over 18 years ago, and make the story available now for Gentle Reader. I humbly say that time has improved my writing craft. I increased the story’s length by almost a third. Those extras passages add depth to Kadmeion and Bright’s world. I also sprinkled in some history about both magicians to better explain their current actions.

Fey Izlyesende's home on Hurt Isle

Fey Izlyesende’s home on Hurt Isle

Let Me Introduce You Around

Ephraim’s features new people in the Clockpunk Wizard world that you will see in future stories. A few of these folks are humans, and the rest are magical sentient creatures. Here are some of the new faces:

  • Wizard Nob and his employer Lord Hissalumieon
  • Fairies Izlyesende, Tessa-marine and Allura-ella
  • Harpy Queen Tkun’winddance
  • Dragon Lady Betrayal

Our heroes Kadmeion, Bright, and Furgo return. Kadmeion’s automaton Copernicus is there, but this clockworks man is usually busy in the airship’s pilot house. The story presents some non-clockwork homunculi (called “Goons” in wizardly circles). These “Meat-Men” automata bodies were grown in vats and animated by minor demons summoned by Wizard Nob. They are none too smart and cause headaches for Bright in Ephraim’s Curious Device.

Kadmeion's magic makes the thingummy look like this

Kadmeion’s magic makes the thingummy look like this

What is the Curious Device?

In the story re-write, I adjusted the back story about Ephraim’s thingummy and related it to Kadmeion’s current circumstances. The thingummy’s magic is still the same, but Lita (I’m also a magician in these situations) changed its true appearance.

Kadmeion disguises the Curious Device in the form of a beautiful chalice when he presents it to His Lordship Hissalumieon. The story explains why.

In the Clockpunk Wizard world, appearances mean everything. They teach this to undergraduate magicians at Agatha University, and call it Wizard’s Style. Others call it flim-flam. Lita calls it story fun. I intended for Ephraim’s Curious Device and the other stories about Wizard Kadmeion’s world to be absurd at times. I cannot resist a good pun (I know, “good pun” is an oxymoron, but I love them anyway). The poetry in the magician’s spells are factotum, but please understand that most of the time they are in a hurry.

A floating island in the Clockpunk Wizard world

A floating island in the Clockpunk Wizard world

Take an Airship to the Clockpunk Wizard World

How I do go on! I love to talk about Kadmeion and Bright’s world of airships, floating islands, and fun magic. Lita already has the next story in the works. Check out the back cover blurb for Old Bony Blue Eyes.

I will close today with another beautiful image of a floating island in Wizard Kadmeion’s world. It must have a lot of floating rock to make the base so thin.

Don’t forget to get your boarding pass for Ephraim’s Curious Device at Amazon or Smashwords. Welcome aboard.