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Review: Flowers: A Short Story of Love and Death

Flowers: A Short Story of Love and Death by Darnell “Saki” Dickerson

George, a high school senior, has some problems. He wrestles with graduation, girl troubles, and his love for sunflowers.

As a loser fast on his way to hell, two years ago Chloë said yes to a date and everything went right ever since. Still is terrific, too.  He just bought her a ring. Local college for George, nearby state university for her. But now his girl has changed her mind. Chloë is going to Berkley. He is staying home in Nowhere Town. And this soon-to-be roommate Gio of hers is gonna steal George’s girl. Jealousy blooms, just like a sunflower.

An argument on graduation day between high school sweethearts goes so very wrong, but George gets back his girl. She is like another of the beautiful sunflowers he has preserved, you could even say idolized, in the cellar.

The Horror of Sunflowers

Time for Lita to confess. I have never liked sunflowers. As a kid, they were too big. Bugs loved them. Birds loved them. But they creeped me out. This makes sunflowers the perfect subject for a horror short story if you want to scare the bejesus out of Lita.

It is refreshing to read a teen angst story from the young man’s point of view. George struggles to keep the one good thing in his life, and overcome his bad parental role models. We taste life’s sour betrayal from his point of view. And poor Chloë. Sometimes, breaking up is impossible to do.

In Flowers, we see teen love at its worst. The story hints at George’s sexual encounters, not show us blow-by-blow glory. His desperation saddened me, and my curiosity about the mechanics revolted me. Ah, the lengths a young man goes to get laid. The story needs a couple of minor formatting nits corrected. In two places I would suggest sentence-level wordsmithing. My compliments go to Darnell “Saki” Dickerson for scaring the crap out of me, rousing my sympathy for a teen’s struggle, and reminding me of evil sunflowers.

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Review: Tea Time

Tea Time a short story by Darnell “Saki” Dickerson

Ms. May and Ms. Joyce are elderly residents at Crossroads Nursing Home, and we visit them during an afternoon tea served by their caretaker Rob.

The women chat, listen to the radio, and tsk-tsk about the sad state of affairs in the world:

  • Silly woman’s lib protesters wanting more than their proper place? Scandalous.
  • Sports clothing in woman’s sizes? Outrageous.
  • A local high school teacher having sex with her students? Harlot.

Something about their tea makes them so forgetful. Why, it puts them right to sleep. What happens to May and Joyce when Rob comes back to collect their tea-things during their drugged afternoon nap? Unspeakable.

Lita’s Cup of Tea

Warning: This is a horror short story with an adult topic.

My favorite type of horror story should make me squirm without showing the splatter and blow-by-blow of the monster’s savagery. This story is it. Tea Time delivers a charming façade over the disturbing evil of elderly abuse. I read it, cringed, and was enraged at the monster lurking beneath.

This story is an excellent effort from new indie author Darnell “Saki” Dickerson. I enjoy stories that take me to another place, if only for a short while. I imagined the women smelled of lavender soap. A wall clock ticked away their lives. I could also smell the ladies’ Oolong Tea. Rob’s drug made the tea taste too sweet.

The things to improve were nits–a couple of trivial punctuation and formatting clean-ups is all the story needs. Oh, and it needs a way for me to punch out that “caretaker” Rob.

Warning: Tea Time has an adult topic. Don’t complain that I didn’t tell you twice.

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