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Steampunk, London Style

Steampunk London

Steampunk, London Style

Steampunk, London Style

Zeppelins. Top hats, gears and gadgets. What fun–let us explore Steampunk and its stylish attitudes.

Time to visit another fantasy world that Lita loves–Steampunk. There are a couple of flavors of Steampunk, so today let’s visit the Victorian-inspired place. It is brimming with alternative technology gadgets powered by steam, and populated with fashionistas.

Watch the Flicker Pictures

Our Steampunk journey begins by going to the picture show, 1800s style. Lita has a new Steampunk London video, so take a minute to immerse yourself in the images and sing-along fun of this alternative-world London.

See for yourself that Steampunk is a contrast of grungy and sooty settings and (sometimes bizarre) Victorian clothing. Their world is a practical and unadorned place of gears, gadgets, and rust-covered pipes. Whether you travel by steam locomotive or zeppelin to get there, don’t forget to bring your goggles.

Step Inside

Curious to discover more? Check out Lita’s new page Steampunk London World. Step inside to get out of the soot and mist of a coal-burning city.  Learn about the gadgets and steam-powered practicalities of everyday devices. In the Steampunk world, electricity never evolved beyond a curiosity at the carnival. You will find out which device is the darling of Steampunk ladies and gentlemen.

Want to visit another fun fantasy world that influenced Steampunk? Check out Lita’s Film Noir World, and don’t forget to bring your trench coat.