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Kadmeion’s Magic

Magic in the Clockpunk Wizard world is ~twisty~

Here is one of Kadmeion’s workrooms. Bright’s clockworks lab is next door.

Wizard Kadmeion is university trained and practices high magic. He graduated four months ago from Agatha University, with high honors. His assistant is Sir Bright, also a recent university graduate, who is a talented clockworks designer.

Inverse Magic

Most of the university-trained wizards’ magic is considered inverse, or illogical. This differs from the regular magical approach in the mechanical clockworks craft Bright practices. These two contradictory magic approaches, when combined into a well-made automata body, is the favored home for discriminating minor demons.

Most magicians do not have the mental quirks to tolerate the ~twisty~ nature of Inverse Magic. Wizards are difficult to train and their special magick is in demand for those who can afford it. On the other hand, there are many clockworks magicians with varying skill levels.

Clockworks and Meat-Man Magic

Wizards generally team up with an assistant skilled in one of the two areas of regular magic: Meat-Men, or Clockworks.

Meat-Men craft homunculi bodies made from plant or animal components. Corpses animated by minor demons are usually shambling zombies, although other undead are more advanced if the wizard craft summons a smarter demon. Animating plant matter, such as the popular mandrake roots, has its harsh toll on the persons who take part in the spell.

Clockworks practitioners assemble complex mechanisms from metal components. Gears, levers, springs, and similar items allows parts of the metal bodies to move. Using minor demons solve the problems with the main springs winding down.

Let’s go to the Gear Rooms next, then see the crew quarters.

Potential Energy: Curse of the Metal-Man

With being a scientist in the mundane world, and also being the writer-architect of the magic systems in fantasy worlds, I must create magic that “makes sense,” or risk the justly deserved disappointment from Gentle Reader. Oh, the challenges.

For example, the Sye fantasy world in Wrath and Tredan’s Bane showcases the conflicts between Enchanter seduction magic and Churchie moralistic spells. Sye uses the Magic Guild to keep the magic works in balance and control the magicians’ tendency to feud.

In my forthcoming Ephraim’s Curious Device story, the wizards’ magic has very different rules, and their concerns are airships, floating islands, and automata (homunculi). There’s a philosophical conflict between the clockwork guys and the “Meat-Men” who create automata from plants or dead animal parts.

Yuck on the Meat-Men. Let’s get back to clockwork.

Here’s the curse with the Clockpunk Wizard fantasy world: how do I keep a clockwork man from winding down too quickly?

How Clockwork Works

Clocks have various sized gears. Clocks use tension stored in a mainspring, or they use gravity like in a grandfather clock, to transform potential energy (spring tension) into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy moves the gears, and the gears then move the hands on the clock face.

The different-sized gears release kinetic energy in bursts (seconds). This regulated system measures out uniform chunks of time. In addition to keeping time, clockwork powers other animations such as phase of the moon dials, cuckoos, and music box innards.

In Ephraim’s Curious Device, clockwork animate the homunculi who fly airships. Very inconvenient for an airship’s automata pilot to stop its ticktock at the wrong time and blunder into the side of a floating island. The clockwork designers (“Metal-Men”) must deal with the curse of potential energy running out in their devices.

Magic is the Solution (of course)

A couple of approaches come to mind: (1) magical power runs the automatons, or (2) spells call something to power the clockwork. Sye already uses magic as a power source to fuel magician’s spells. (Gentle Reader frowns–don’t repeat yourself–it’s boring. Understood.) That leaves the second approach. Here is another question for the fantasy world writer-architect: what do the spells call?

Let’s talk this through. Whatever the magic workers send for in the Clockpunk Wizard world, it must be small enough to live inside clockwork gizmos. Shall the wizards send for tiny fairy folk? No, they already have bodies and that means the bodies must be cared for. Demons? Too powerful and dangerous. Minor demons? Hmm. Okay.

So minor demons drive the clockwork automata. I’ll give equal time to the yucky Meat-Men creations. Wizards use spells to call, dismiss, and animate homunculi with minor demons. This means a wizard should have a partner who builds clockwork, plant, or meat-made gizmos.

Meet Kadmeion and Bright

We have solved the Potential Energy curse. I’ve also just met my two Clockpunk Wizard “good guys.” Pleased to meet you, Wizard Kadmeion. Also charmed to meet your business partner, Metal-Man Bright. We have a lot of work ahead of us, guys.  Let’s get to it.