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In the Floating Lands, gravity is just a suggestion

All Aboard for the Floating Lands

In the Floating Lands, gravity is just a suggestion

In the Floating Lands, gravity is just a suggestion

Welcome aboard. This airship is now departing to the place where flying islands drink clouds, pigs soar, and lovely Harpies rule their rock-spire land. 

Find out more about the fantasy locales where islands float and we visit with a horse we all know. You will also learn the one thing that most wizards cannot resist.

Watch your step on the gangplank. The forward lounge has the best refreshments and views. Come now and visit Lita’s Floating Lands World.

Wicked Smile

Forever Boy Book Trailer in You Gotta Read Contest

Wicked Smile

Lita would Grin Like a Goose if Gentle Readers voted for their favorite Book Trailer

Woo hoo! It’s time to go to the (book trailer) movies!

Lita’s Clockpunk Wizard video for Forever Boy is in the January 2013 You Gotta Read book trailer contest. The top three winning videos win valuable marketing and promo prizes–so important for an indie author.

Please take a minute to vote for your favorite video.

If you haven’t watched the Forever Boy video yet, or if you just want to hear a sorceress sing a beautiful spell, check out the video on YouTube, then take five seconds to drop by the You Gotta Read contest page and vote!

Voting closes on Sunday January 27th, so please don’t wait. Lita, and all Indie authors, appreciate your support.