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The Wuddlekins Island Unicorns

Release Day for Glitter Ponies

Lita Burke is pleased to announce today’s eBook release of her latest fantasy novel, Glitter Ponies.

The Wizard’s Airship Leaves Port Today for the Land of Clockpunk Wizard

The Wizard’s Airship Leaves Port Today for the Land of Clockpunk Wizard

The wizard’s airship leaves port today for another journey into the land of Clockpunk Wizard. Watch your step on the gangplank. Refreshments are in the forward parlor.

Travel with Wizard Kadmeion to floating Wuddlekins Island. Meet unicorns, their crossbreed offspring called glitter ponies, brownies, and the mysterious boggarts.

Find out what vacations are really like for wizards, fairies, and half-elf mages. Learn why wild brownies detest wizards so. See how matters get especially interesting when Lady Luck’s young daughter plays with the odds.

The Glitter Ponies eBook is available now for immediate gratification on your Kindle, computer, or smart phone. Today is a splendid day to take a ride on a wizard’s airship. All aboard!

Glitter Ponies eBook on Amazon US, UK, CA, IN, and AU

Glitter Ponies on Goodreads

Glitter Ponies back cover blurb

Glitter Ponies book page

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Lita Getting Glitter Ponies Ready

Goings-On at Lita’s Castle

The beta readers for Glitter Ponies stopped by and left their comments. Lita is agog at their charming ways of finding the nits in the tale.

The Fey-Folk Flitted Here and There in Glitter Ponies

The Fey-Folk Flitted Here and There in Glitter Ponies

My, Lita is blushing at the early readers’ kind comments about Glitter Ponies. Appears that this new story about clever Kadmeion, love-struck Bright, and Miss Probability’s determination to take home a unicorn was a fun romp enjoyed by all.

So many matters to see to before departing on Wizard Kadmeion’s airship to this new destination in the Clockpunk Wizard world. Those annoying story nits must be set to rights.

Lita Burke Invites You to the Glitter Ponies Cover Reveal Party The party is on August 22nd, starting mid-morning, here on Lita’s blog. Wear what you wish, no need to R.S.V.P. Bring friends. Refreshments will be served. A splendid time will be had by all.

Stop By Lita's Blog on August 22nd for the Glitter Ponies Cover Reveal Party

Stop By Lita’s Blog on August 22nd for the Glitter Ponies Cover Reveal Party

Back to the story matters. The fey-folk were flitting here and there in the tale, and magic was not enough to explain away their actions. Bright had a silly moment that needed some sensibility. Kadmeion was much too wordy with his unicorn spells. How did those indiscretions get into the story? Do not be concerned, Gentle Reader. Lita is correcting those matters now.

Remember to stop by for next weekend’s get-together for Glitter Ponies. Join in the story gossip, see the book cover before anyone else, and learn exclusive details about the book release.

Other rooms to visit in Lita’s castle:

A Unicorn for Miss Probability Luck

Dramatis Personæ: Probability

The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures staying in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Here is an entry in the guest book for the Clockpunk Wizard Wing.

Miss Probability

Miss Probability

Probability [prä-bə-ˈbi-lə-tē] proper noun, c. 1550;  ME probabilis from probare to test < L probābilitās; also Luck’s Child, Luck’s Brat (derogatory), Daughter of Fickle Numbers, Baby Needs New Shoes

  • Profession: Heir-apparent for the Personification Office of Lady Luck
  • Race: Human, female, nine-year-old child
  • Appearance: Blue eyes, blond hair, medium build
  • Full Name: Amabel Probability Juliana Luck
  • Formal Title: Lady Luck to Be
  • Honorifics: Miss Luck, Miss Probability
  • Education: Homeschooled
  • Milieu: Probability is a denizen of the Clockpunk Wizard world
Probability's Home is a Castle in the Upper Wager Meadows of Fluke Island

Probability’s Home is a Castle in the Upper Wager Meadows of Fluke Island

Probability is the oldest child of Sorceress Lady Luck and Death’s Wizard Mephistopheles.

Her younger brother is Chance Luck, and her family awaits the arrival of a second daughter. Probability also has a grandmother, Sorceress Amabel, who was the previous Lady Luck.

Because the magic for the Death Personification Office is harmful to children, and her parents are estranged, Probability lives on floating Fluke Island with her mother and brother. Their home is a sprawling casino and castle complex in the Upper Wager Meadows. She has not met her father. Probability plans to visit him where he lives on Undying Island, beyond the rim of their plate-shaped ocean world, when she is old enough to survive the journey.

Probability is Gifted in Mathematics, Language, and the Magical Arts

Probability is Gifted in Mathematics, Language, and the Magical Arts

Probability is a precocious child in mathematics, language, and the magical arts. Her well-to-do mother hires the best tutors for the non-magical aspects of her children’s education.

Lady Luck personally teaches Probability and her brother the magical arts. Her mother anticipates that Probability will attend the Agatha University of Magical Arts and Sciences, and become the most powerful human sorceress of her generation.

As many girls are wont to do, Probability adores unicorns and horses. Her mother maintains a horse stables, and accompanies the children on frequent equestrian outings. Because unicorns need special care, Lady Luck has not yet acquired these magical sentient equines for Fluke Island, despite her daughter’s constant requests.

Lady Luck's Daughter is Called "Baby Needs New Shoes"

Lady Luck’s Daughter is Called “Baby Needs New Shoes”

Probability is not allowed in her mother’s casino until she becomes of age. Nonetheless, the little girl has a flawless mental ability to compute odds, calculate entropy decay rates, and mathematically predict when her brother will bring up a yucky boy’s topic during dinner.

Find out more about Probability’s adventures in these Clockpunk Wizard stories:

A Red Unicorn

Concerning Unicorns in the Clockpunk Wizard World

A Black Unicorn

A Black Unicorn

Time to set the facts straight about this four-legged sentient creature with a long spiral horn on its forehead.

If Gentle Reader were to cast a searching spell about unicorns in our fantasy world called internet, the spell would say that unicorns are made-up bits of fantasy fluff.

Lita says horse feathers (with apologies to Pegasus) about that parcel of nonsense.

The upcoming story Glitter Ponies tells about Lady Luck’s daughter helping Wizard Kadmeion discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness. It will be a while until Kadmeion’s airship travels to floating Wuddlekins Island to visit the unicorn herd, so here are some facts from the wizard’s Bestiarum Vocabulum.

A White Unicorn with an Elf Magician

A White Unicorn with an Elf Magician

Appearance and Magical Ability

Unicorns are the size of ponies with red, black, or white coats. They share the physical features of horses and goats: they have manes, long flowing tails, cloven hooves, and many have a goat-like beard.

Their single grooved spiral horn sprouts from the middle of their forehead and has a lace work of holes. When a unicorn whips its head, air whistles through its horn. Elf spells mimic the haunting and beautiful unicorn horn whistles.

A powerful elf magician (or a wizard under special circumstances) can enchant an entire unicorn herd and coax the animals into bobbing their heads in unison. The mage then uses the unicorns’ combined whistles to fuel potent spells.

Unicorns are a paradox of gentle and aggressive behavior. Elf magicians service unicorn herds to temper the extremes of unicorn comportment.

A Red Unicorn

A Red Unicorn

About the Pure Girl Fascination

The unicorn is a wild woodland creature and is the magical incarnation of purity and grace. Its preferred magicians are young female virgins, elf-kind of all ages and worldly experience, and fey-folk.

The shy unicorns avoid other magic types (such as human wizards, demons, or clockwork automatons) unless a mage has substantial intervention with the unicorns’ favored magic (i.e. virgin, elf, or fairy spells).

The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself, for the love it bears to fair maidens forgets its ferocity and wildness; and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus the hunters take it. – Leonardo da Vinci

A unicorn is especially vulnerable to the Pure Girl Fascination. The best way to entrap a unicorn is to ask an innocent young lady to join the hunt.

A "Narwhal" Unicorn in the Ocean

A “Narwhal” Unicorn in the Ocean

About the Narwhal Horn Issue

A land-based unicorn sheds its horn, also called an alicorn, naturally in late winter.

In addition to virgins, unicorns have a magical vulnerability to salty water. When it swims in the sea, a unicorn turns into its aquatic form called a narwhal. A narwhal retains its horn, but otherwise resembles a dolphin. If a narwhal washes ashore in the Clockpunk Wizard world, it dries out and takes on its land-based pony form.

Commends [the unicorn horn] against the bite of a mad dog and other mischievous beasts, [and] also of worms…[Make] cups of it…[that] they might defend themselves against poison, drunkenness, cramp, falling sickness, and other malignant diseases. – Joannes Jonstonus, translating the text of Conrad Gesner

More to Come About Unicorns

More to Come About Unicorns in the Clockpunk Wizard Story, Glitter Ponies

The alicorn has many magical, medicinal, musical, and decorative properties. The narwhal horn also has the same magical properties as unicorn’s pony horn.

Lita will tell much more about the unicorns in the Clockpunk Wizard world in the upcoming Glitter Ponies story. Here is the back cover blurb for Glitter Ponies.