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20,000 Came to See the Show

20,000 Curious Came to See the Show

What a mad, grand day for Lita Burke’s blog. 20,000 views. Smiles from Lita for all of you lovely and curious Gentle Readers who visited.

Lita's Bestiarum Vocabulum

Lita’s Bestiarum Vocabulum

Suppose there was a mad carnival, and 20,000 souls came to see the show. Oh, so many wonders await the bold who visit here in Lita’s fantasy worlds.

Have fancy to visit the zoo? Over here is Lita’s  Bestiarum Vocabulum. Inside is where the magical creatures wander about, and the people are in cages. Visit the fairies in the forest, boggarts in their boxes, and mermaids in the Seduction Pool.

Enchanters of Sye Tower

Enchanters of Sye Tower

Climb the steps in the Enchanters of Sye tower. At the top are Sciomancer ghosts, affectionate dragonettes, and lovely women.

Meet a retired Enchanter who runs a well-respected magical curios shop. Perhaps you want a trinket that summons a chatty ghost. Here is another charm that bewitches the tongue, and makes you profess your undying love of donkeys.

Such fun, but we must be on our way. Don’t leave the tower without your luscious Enchanter’s essence kiss.

Islands Float Above the Ocean in the Clockpunk Wizard

Islands Float Above the Ocean in the Clockpunk Wizard World

This path leads to the floating islands of the Clockpunk Wizard wing. Around the back are its aerodrome docks, where a friendly weredog waits for you on the gangplank of a wizard’s airship.

The best seats are on the forward deck. Waiting for us is a minor demon in a mechanical man body. He offers us a tray of treats. Taste as many you dare:

Hear a Woodland Nymph Play a Fiddle

Hear a Woodland Nymph Play a Fiddle

Lita says thank you to all Gentle Readers who visited this mad and grand blog that is the gateway into her fantasy worlds.

There are many new tales are on the way for the main stage. Workers are building more sideshows, and expanding the choice in the tasty book booths.

Stop by anytime to perhaps hear a woodland nymph play a fiddle, and indulge in the fun.

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