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Enter Lita's Fantasy Worlds

Interview: Close Your Eyes for a Fantasy Surprise

The folks over at Blog Catalog recently sat down with Lita and chatted about all sorts of things in Lita’s fantasy worlds. It was time to talk a bit about the magic behind the curtain. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Find Fantasy Elsewheres Down the Rabbit Hole

Find Fantasy Elsewheres Down the Rabbit Hole

Blog Catalog: “Lita’s Worlds” … places like elsewheres. This is major fantasy speak. Please describe where elsewheres are located. I’m assuming there is more than one.

Lita: Ooh, I love visiting fantasy elsewheres. Let me name a few: Hogwarts, Oz, Middle Earth, Narnia, and down the rabbit hole. Where are they located? Just follow the second star on the left, and straight on ‘til morning. Or you can just pick up a fantasy book and find one inside.

Blog Catalog: If you could turn into one of your characters, which one would you become?

Lita: I’m rather fond of…

Fly in an Airship Above a Mermaid-Filled Sea

Fly in an Airship Above a Mermaid-Filled Sea

Which character did Lita choose?

Did she wish to become an Enchanter and bewitch all who dare take a sip of magical essence?

Or does she fancy being a demon-calling sorceress who flies an airship above a mermaid-filled sea? Lita’s answer might give you a smile.

And so the interview went on. Lita divulged all sorts of mad and fancy things about where her ideas come from. Stop by Blog Catalog’s interview at Close Your Eyes for a Fantasy Surprise, and learn more about how Lita creates her fantasy worlds.