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Just like the taste of Enchanter kisses--chocolate, cinnamon & peppery spice

Enchanter Kisses

It's Kiss an Enchanter Day

It’s Kiss an Enchanter Day

Let’s observe Valentine’s Day today and talk about one of Lita’s favorite subjects–Enchanter magical essence kisses.

It’s been some time since Lita has talked about the Enchanters in the Sye world. Here’s a quick recap, then we will get back to magical hanky-panky.

Sye is a world where the Enchanters, Church magicians, and others (called “non-Maji’kers”) live.  The humans, and some sentient magical creatures, use magic (called “essence”) as an energy source for mechanisms that would otherwise use physics or natural laws in other worlds.

The living world of Sye is a separate place from the afterlife, called the Fields of Yalu (or the “city of the dead”).  Ghosts from the Fields of Yalu are regular visitors to Sye. Powerful magicians keep dragonettes as pets. Everyone has a secret name given to them clandestinely by their mothers, which is the source of a person’s magical ability.

Enter the Sye Fantasy World

Lita has visited Sye before, and wrote about her visits with the Enchanters, dragonettes, and ghosts. Here are her Enchanter stories if Gentle Reader has not had time to investigate:

  • Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane is a short story that starts things off at a run. In Wrath, a retired Enchanter (Tredan) battles a powerful magician to keep a dangerous spell book from falling in to the wrong hands. Read the back cover blurb, watch the short Wrath book trailer, or read Chapter 1.
  • Masked Ghosts Threaten the Enchanters in "Ghost Orchid"

    Masked Ghosts Threaten the Enchanters in “Ghost Orchid”

    Tredan’s Bane plunges in to the thick of things with Tredan’s wife Lanith, a magical oddities dealer, getting a ghost’s warning, then returning home to find her home on fire and Tredan missing. After enlisting the help of the Enchanters, Lanith finds and hides her kidnapped husband’s dangerous spell book. Read the back cover blurb, watch the Tredan’s Bane book trailer, or read Chapter 1.

  • Ghost Orchid continues Lanith’s adventures, where she investigates crypt murders that release masked ghosts in to the living world who threaten the Enchanters. Read the back cover blurb. Release date for Ghost Orchid is summer of 2014.

Magic Must Make Sense

One of Lita’s pet peeves with some fantasy fiction, especially epic or high fantasy, is how the powerful magicians just wave their hand and bolts of magical energy shoot from their fingertips. Or sometimes it’s the end of the hero’s journey, and he/she has the magic wand/orb/book, and this magical lightweight (at best) use this thingummy to produce the bolts of magical energy.

Balderdash!  Be gone, silly images. Magical energy isn’t that way at all. Here’s the truth–you get magical energy from kissing an Enchanter.

Just like the taste of Enchanter kisses--chocolate, cinnamon & peppery spice

Just like the taste of Enchanter kisses–chocolate, cinnamon & peppery spice

What does magical essence taste like? Chocolate. Cinnamon. Hint of peppery spice.

Only Enchanters can produce the magical power that fuels the Sye world. What would be the life of an Enchanter man (or woman) if some magicians will stop at nothing to control the source of magical power? It’s not all smooches. Some of it is big trouble.

Find out for yourself. Lita suggests that you fix a cup of hot chocolate in a favorite mug, add a dash of cinnamon, and curl up with Wrath and Tredan’s Bane. Oh, and keep your Valentine darling nearby if you want to practice your own magical essence kisses.

The Secret Name is the Key to a Magician's Power

Secret Names are Magical Keys

There’s power in knowing the names of people, objects, and ideas. Secrets also have power. Combine these two elements in a fantasy like Tredan’s Bane, and a Secret Name becomes the key to a wizard’s magic.

How Name Magic Starts

The Secret Name is the closest-kept magic for an individual.  A mother gives it to her newborn at birth and keeps it clandestine between them.  The child’s maturing magical ability intertwines with its Secret Name.

Wedded couples exchange Secret Names as part of consummating their marriage. It signals the beginning of their joint lives and shared magic, reinforced by the Priest’s spells in the couple’s marriage rings.

A person also has a Common name used everyday by family and acquaintances. The world of Sye also stresses guild titles and honorifics, which recognizes a person’s stature in their profession.

Abusing a Secret Name can Break the Ability to Work Spells

Abusing a Secret Name can Break the Ability to Work Spells

Controlling Another Mage

Sharing Secret Names with a non-spouse is risky since it creates a vulnerable relationship between the persons involved. Magicians rarely share Secret Names because it can weaken their magic if entrusted to the wrong person. Abuse of a Secret Name can break a person’s ability to work spells, and in severe cases, harm their ability to use magical essence.

The flip side of this is that a magician gains stability, and usually power, with shared Secret Names.

Lanith "Stream Daughter" (A’edredohr)

Lanith “Stream Daughter” (A’edredohr)

Names are Not Made Up

All of the names in Wrath and Tredan’s Bane truly mean what the characters say they mean. The apostrophes are for decoration. For example, “Arnl’jhott” does mean “frightens eagles” for Lanith’s pet dragonette. Here are a few Secret Names for other characters:

  • Lanith “Stream Daughter” (A’edredohr)
  • Nyle “Dweller by the Dark Stream in the Raven Forest” (Daegal’hraefnscaga)
  • Eli “Small Spear of God” (Paavo’asgeir)
  • Abbent “Born in the Summer from the Ocean of Light” (Suma’ila’zara)
  • Penn “Lucky Man from the Church Village” (Wapi’kirkjabyr)

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