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A Wizard's Airship

Glitter Ponies: All Aboard the Airship for Chapter 1

Here is a delicious fantasy tidbit to enjoy while waiting in the shopping lines.

So busy here at Lita’s castle in the Northern Realms with the hubbub of the holidays. Family, food, and fantasy worlds–nothing better.

That Fantasy Boy of Winter, Jack Frost, kisses cheeks and noses every time we go outside to play. Wizard Kadmeion hobnobs with his old school chum Jack Frost in Glitter Ponies. Curious? Never hurts to take a moment to peek at the wizardly goings-on.

Glitter Ponies by Lita Burke

Copyright 2015 by Lita Burke. All rights reserved.

Chapter One
Peach Pits, Wuddlekins Island

A flaming peach pit whistled past Wizard Kadmeion’s ear. The projectile bounced on the gangplank, rolled to his feet, and disappeared in a pop of fruit-flavored smoke. He spun toward the source. The aerodrome dock was empty.

“I see them.” Bright had paused at the top of the gangplank. His assistant’s voice was soft. “Brownies.”

Kadmeion stepped down onto the dock, and whisper-sang a vision acuity spell. The wizard squinted, and tried to get a glimpse of his attackers. Bright came down the gangplank, and stopped at Kadmeion’s right side.

“I can’t see them, Bright.”

“Then it is true.” More…

Wedding Rings

Book of the Dead: Marriage Ring Spells

The Book of the Dead explains the nature of Church magic in the Enchanters of Sye world.

Priests Weave Marriage Ring Binding Spells

Priests Weave Marriage Ring Binding Spells

marriage ring [mar ij ring] noun, c.1400; Anglo-Fr marier to marry < ME marriage; c.900; Ger ringen < ONor  hringja < OE hringan < ME ringen; also love rings

  • Physical: Metal charm consisting of 4 finger rings, no stone settings
  • Magic Type: Church/Binding
  • Spell Group: Corporeal Matters
  • Restrictions on Physical and Magical Construction: Priest only; all other secular, Magic Guild, and Enchanter magicians disallowed

Marriage rings are magical jewelry worn by couples to show fidelity, to bind their magic, and create a Church-approved family unit. Only a Priest may create the rings and weave the binding spells on the couple’s marriage day.

Marriage Rings Bind Their Magic

Marriage Rings Bind Their Magic

Each partner wears two rings. The first ring accesses the wearer’s magic, and the second binds them to their partner’s magic. Marriage rings contain the following three spells: Abiding Love, Fidelity, and Wander.

Abiding Love is the first spell, and it is the fundamental enchantment a Church Priest puts on a couple’s rings on their marriage day. This spell magically joins the rings, and the couple, using their Life Echo threads. When a spouse dies and passes to the Fields of Yalu, the Abiding Love Spell returns the dead spouse’s rings to the survivor, and terminates the couple’s magical binding.

Abiding Love Spell Joins the Couple Using Their Life Echo Threads

Abiding Love Spell Joins the Couple Using Their Life Echo Threads

The second enchantment on marriage rings is the Fidelity spell. It detects when spouses have been unfaithful. Disloyalty includes sharing physical intimacies and exchanging magical essence with a non-spouse. Unfaithfulness requires immediate magical intervention to correct the moral failure.

One caveat exists for the Fidelity spell. The Church allows a married petitioner to exchange essence kisses with an Enchanter during the Enchanter Consent test. If either spouse has an Enchanter-approved Consent ranking, the Magic Guild requires partners to sign waivers. This waiver allows the partners to continue taking magical essence from non-Church sources. The Enchanter Consent awardee must also wear a patch on their trades uniform tunic that shows their special magical status.

The third, called the Wander spell, senses when a spouse has lost love for their partner. Same as for unfaithfulness, waning love requires immediate magical intervention by a Church Priest to adjust the marriage rings’ enchantments.

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Ice Devil

Ice Devils

Lita takes Gentle Reader to the land of Clockpunk Wizard today, with an excerpt from Old Bony Blue Eyes.

Mountain Pass to Fearsome Valley

Mountain Pass to Fearsome Valley

Wizard Kadmeion, his assistant Sir Bright, and the wizard’s cynanthrope familiar Furgo have flown their airship to floating Wager Island. They now journey by horseback over a mountain pass to Lady Luck’s home. They must take this difficult path because workers are repairing the Lady’s airship dock.

They must cross the glacier-filled Fearsome Valley. The wizard says that if they are lucky, they will not meet the unpleasant residents called Ice Devils. The mountain path has narrowed, and the travelers must walk their horses single file. They go around a curve. Before them stretches Fearsome Valley. And unfortunately, they have a welcoming committee.

An odd glint caught Bright’s eye. He turned his head and froze.

An Ice Devil stood on the snow. Bright’s imagination had been too kind. This dazzling horror was almost four feet tall and bristled with icicles. The creature radiated nastiness and sucked joy from the air. The only good news was that the creature stood twenty feet away from the path.

“Kadmeion? Are you sure Ice Devils can’t leave the snow?”

“I am sure. Maybe it won’t follow us.”

They Journey by Horseback Over a Mountain Pass to Lady Luck's Home

They Journey by Horseback Over a Mountain Pass to Lady Luck’s Home

Not to be. The Ice Devil skittered across the glacier’s surface, and then froze. Bright saw no eyes in the part of the creature that resembled a head, but the narfleet was positive it had no difficulty tracking their movements. They rounded a bend. A rockfall blocked the trail. Ten Ice Devils waited at the snow line.

“Can you blast the fall away with magic, Kadmeion?”

The wizard examined the heap of dirt and rocks. Kadmeion shook his head.

“Could you elevate the largest rocks so we can get by?” Bright asked. “The entire slide doesn’t need moving, only enough so we can get over it.”

“I can do that, but it will be difficult.”

(Old Bony Blue Eyes excerpt Copyright 2013 by Lita Burke. All rights reserved.)

Read more in Chapter 1

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Amazon US

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Amazon UK

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Smashwords

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The Real Truth About Clockpunk Wizardry

Caught on Camera: The Real Truth About Clockpunk Wizardry

Turn up the lights and roll the cameras. In Lita Burke’s newest video, the author confesses to creating the Clockpunk Wizard world, telling the story inside of Old Bony Blue Eyes, and much more.

Here Lita Shows Us a Picture of an Elf's Home in the Clockpunk Wizard World

Here Lita Shows Us a Picture of an Elf’s Home in the Clockpunk Wizard World

The truth is now told. Lita finally steps forward and comes clean. She answers the endless questions Gentle Readers ask about the Steampunk, Clockpunk, and Fantasy genres.

Lita describes these three genres’ telltale clues that anyone can spot. She has pictures on them, and shows us.

There are more, almost naughty, details. Oh, the scandal when these three genres became a ménage à trois known as her Clockpunk Wizard world. Then there is that Old Bony Blue Eyes affair. Lita blushes, but tells us all about it.

For the crack investigators among you Gentle Readers, here are more clues about Old Bony Blue Eyes. It all starts with the book cover that has the verified picture of the charming wizard they call Sir Death. That part isn’t so bad.

What is much more incriminating is that the book cover comes with that suspicious, oh so brief spell that writers call The Pithy Sentence. Lita shows the cover and the pithy below. Wait, this next part is so sneaky. On the flip side of the book is more evidence in the back cover blurb.

A wizard faces a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a powerful spell book for a love-starved dragon.

A wizard faces a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a powerful spell book for a love-starved dragon.

Chapter 1 (Yes! Inside is actual proof about Clockpunk Wizardry.)

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Amazon US (So this is how Clockpunk Wizardry is spreading like a bad rash in fantasy circles.)

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Amazon UK (Wizard Kadmeion flew his airship across the pond, it seems.)

Old Bony Blue Eyes on Smashwords (iPads, tablets, and smartphones aren’t safe from this literary delight) Old Bony Blue Eyes on Barnes & Noble (and neither are Nooks).

Saving you a seat at the Wicked Circus

New: Lita’s Cirque du Méchant Video

Saving you a seat at the Wicked Circus

Saving you a seat at the Wicked Circus

This month, Lita invites Gentle Reader to visit to the dark side of fantasy–the Wicked Circus.

Cirque du Méchant is a dark carnival filled madness, magic, and killer clowns.  Take a peek into the fantasy world where the Calliope screams its steamy waltz, and you see the monsters under the grease paint.

Enter here for the Cirque du Méchant.

Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane Book Trailer

Here is the just-release book trailer for Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane. If you haven’t read the short story Wrath, check it out on Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords.

The back cover blurb explains more about the story.

Read Chapter 1 FREE now.

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