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Review: Mikolay and Julia In The Attic

Mikolay and Julia in the Attic by Magda M. Olchawska

Two clever magic-savvy children visit an attic looking for a magic wand and find themselves transported to an evil circus where cruel strangers have kidnapped other children and keep them in a bird-cage. The circus owners also mistreat the animals. Our courageous heroes save the day by fighting the circus owners and freeing the trapped children and animals. They get a little help from their fairy friends to make sure everyone gets safely home.

‘Mikolay and Julia in the Attic’ is a delightful read and warns youngsters of the danger of talking to strangers–without being scary. The illustrations are delightful and compliment the storyline. I found myself drawn into their adventure and the story left me with a smile. I found one tiny shortcoming with the text layout. At times the lines seemed crowded and this formatting distracted me from the story. Other than this nit, I enjoyed my journey with Mikolay and Julia.

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