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Sye Magical Abilities Have Five Categories

Necronomicon Enchanter: Fifth of Uslar, Whose Name Was Lost Magic

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. 


Because the Enchanters of Sye take the diluted magic of their world and concentrate it for human use, they organize magical abilities into five categories. The first four categories favor ambient Sye magic.

Enchanters Forbade Themselves From Weaving the Church Spells

Enchanters Forbade Themselves From Weaving the Church Spells

Today’s post covers the last category that represents all non-Enchanter magic. The Enchanters call the spells here the Fifth of Uslar, Whose Name Was Lost. It includes Church Magic, plus unclaimed and forbidden enchantments.

Origin of the Fifth of Uslar, Whose Name Was Lost

The roots of this rather odd name came when the original Enchanters and Church Magicians divided Sye’s magic for their respective camps. The Enchanters named the category ‘Fifth of Uslar’ as an alternate name for Church Magic, since the Enchanters did not wear Uslar stones from a fifth Sye element. By agreement with the Church, the Enchanters forbade themselves from weaving the Church spells.

The Church Magicians named the fifth category ‘His Divine’s Lost Name’ after the sixth high priest that oversees Church magic. Upon assuming the post of His Divine, the candidate abandons his Common and Secret Names, and answers to only his title.

Enchanters Shortened the Phrase

Enchanters Shortened the Phrase

The Enchanters shortened the phrase to ‘Whose Name Was Lost.’ The Church Magicians responded by lengthening the category name to the ‘Fifth of Uslar, Whose Name Was Lost.’

Allowed Practitioners

The Magic Guild and Enchanter Schools do not practice any magic from the Fifth of Uslar category because some spells counteract the Enchanter’s magical essence. The Enchanter Grandmasters have laced their School’s foundation spells to stop the Enchanters who weave a Fifth of Uslar spell. Because the Magic Guild is the business arm of the Enchanters, guild Maji’kers are also forbidden to weave these spells.

Freelance magic workers sometimes practice the Fifth of Uslar spells, but the ungoverned craft is risky because it has no formalized safeguards protect the spell casters.  Sciomancers, Priests, Enforcers, Clerics, and His Divine practice Church Magic.

Enchanter Harm Spells Disables an Enchanter's Ability to Produce Essence

Enchanter Harm Spells Disables an Enchanter’s Ability to Produce Essence

Inside the Lost Name Magic

Shunned spells encompass three areas: those that harm Enchanters, those that harm Church Magic, and rogue magic.

The Enchanter Harm spells either disables an Enchanter’s ability to produce magical essence, or harms Sye’s ability to keep magic balanced. Spells that destroy Sye’s natural essence production are also in this group.

Church Harm spells interfere with the Marriage Rings magic, and includes harassment enchantments for the dead. Necromancy with dead bodies and unwilling souls fall in this area, along with tampering with the buffer area separating the land of the living (Sye)and the home of the dead (The Fields of Yalu).

Church Harm Spells Include Harassment Enchantments for the Dead

Church Harm Spells Include Harassment Enchantments for the Dead

Rogue Magic are spells that spawn magical chaos. In Sye, their magical world naturally seeks the pooling and distribution of magical essence to all creatures that need it.

Enchanter and Church magical disciplines are in harmony with Sye’s natural magical flows. Rogue eddies sometimes form, and paired Church and Enchanter magicians can disperse the eddy back into natural flow channels. Fifth of Uslar magicians delight in causing magical unbalance, and create rogue eddies that sicken nearby magical creatures.

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Guild Matters Sye: Midwinter Festival for Secular Magicians

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds. This is the first of three stories about Sye’s Midwinter Festival.

A Secular Magic Worker's Home Decorated for Midwinter Festival

A Secular Magic Worker’s Home Decorated for Midwinter Festival

The Midwinter Festival in the Enchanters of Sye world is held on the three darkest days of the year, when the sun shuns the northern sky. The yearlong snow fields of the mountain passes creep down the slopes and claim all but the low coastal towns and arid desert in the continent’s interior.

Almost all of Sye’s mountain dwellers abandon the heights during winter and join their family and friends in the more hospitable coastal towns. They begin this journey in late autumn because the ghosts walk during the three darkest days of winter. Without the proper magical preparations, ghosts can drive the living mad.

Small Light Charms Fueled With Enchanter Essence

Small Light Charms Fueled With Enchanter Essence

Sye’s living denizens adorn the windowsills and the outside of their homes with small charms that shed light fueled with essence. Because the dead do not care for the Enchanters’ magical essence, the ghosts avoid the magical glows.

The living decorates the inside of their homes during Midwinter Festival with rich colors, sweet-scented pine branches, and musical charms that play soft tinkling melodies. The secular magicians gather friends and family for feasts on all three Midwinter Festival nights.

Next time: Midwinter Festival for Church Magicians

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A Ghost From the Fields of Yalu

Charming and Housing Ghosts in Sye

Ghosts are frequent visitors to the Enchanters of Sye world in Tredan’s Bane and Wrath. Only Enchanters, Sciomancers, and people wearing Ghost Amulets can see and interact with Sye’s ghosts.

A ghost appears solid and wears similar clothes to when it was a live person, but empty eyes show it as a wandering spirit.  Ghosts have gaps in their memories, and it’s difficult for them to learn new tasks.  They have intellect instead of emotions, so an empath cannot sense their feelings in the usual way.  A Sciomancer can bewitch a ghost to tell secrets from its life, and also make it report the ghost’s conversations with others.

Close-up View of the Spells Inside a Ghost Amulet Containing Many Rooms

Close-up View of the Spells Inside a Ghost Amulet Containing Many Rooms

Ghost Amulets

Although the Church’s head magician, His Divine, banned the practice, a talented Sciomancer can call a specific ghost and compel it to stay inside a Ghost Amulet.  Constructing elaborate amulets is a popular magic craft with Magic Guild workers; avid amulet makers hold competitions to display their non-inhabited Ghost Amulets containing dozens of elaborate rooms.

Inhabited Ghost Amulets are dangerous.  An amulet keeper must not wear the occupied amulet near the heart, or the keeper risks madness induced by the resident ghost.

Better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell

Better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell

Ghost Charms

Most Sye residents do not have the native magical talent to see and converse with ghosts.  Church magicians, especially Priests and senior Sciomancers, construct charms to allow the wearer to interact with ghosts. The typical spells in a Ghost Charm include calling and banishing a ghost by name, plus the ability to see and talk with the ghost.  The better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell that will attract nearby ghosts to the charm’s wearer.