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Ghost in the Bell Tower

Review: The Bell Tower Suite

Friends Dared Him to Spend a Night in the Bell Tower Suite

Friends Dared Him to Spend a Night in the Bell Tower Suite

The Bell Tower Suite by James Field is a paranormal short story about a retired army officer who takes a dare and spends a ghost-filled night in a haunted house.

Retired Colonel Mortimer pays a visit to Sibyl. She is the housekeeper of a mansion that has a ghostly reputation. Two security guards, Alf and Bert, live in the nearby guardhouse.

His friends at the club dared the colonel to spend a night in the Bell Tower Suite. The colonel’s grandfather was a judge who stayed in the suite, and met his unfortunate end there by a revengeful convict. The no-nonsense Sibyl changes the bed linens, and instructs Alf and Bert to lock the colonel in the bell tower suite for the night.

Retired Colonel Mortimer Pays a Visit

Retired Colonel Mortimer Pays a Visit

During a nasty thunderstorm at midnight, the ghosts walk. The outcome is nothing like the four of them expected.

The Bell Tower Suite is a delightful little story that paints vivid characters in a short time. It tells a spooky story within a story, and wraps it together in a gothic-fused package.

James Field uses an expert touch and mixes in fun surprises concerning a cellar rat, and the security guards’ practical jokes. Gentle Readers who love gothic ghost stories would enjoy The Bell Tower Suite. This story is best read at night with a thunderstorm crashing outside. Be sure to lock the door, and watch out for the cellar rat.

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A Heartbroken Shannon Leaves Boston

Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske and Eveliina Tommola is a YA fantasy about Shannon McLean, a 12-year-old girl who moves in with her magician father and is immersed in a demon-infested battle.

Her Father Lives in a Musty Manor House

Her Father Lives in a Musty Manor House

Three weeks after her mother passes away, a heartbroken Shannon leaves Boston and moves to London to live with a father she doesn’t remember. Connor McLean lives in a musty manor house and is aloof, mysterious, and a bit terrifying to his cheeky daughter.

The servants are either cringing like scared rabbits or lost in a thrall-like state. The strangest thing of all is that everyone has curious tattoos on their wrists, and the inked images move. Contrasting these hideous things is discovering she has a twin brother named Ian. Separated soon after they were born, Ian lived his whole life in this huge house with a father who has slowly descended into evil. Ian also has an unbelievable revelation for his sister. The twins are powerful witches, and they must combine their power and save their father from the demon that is slowly devouring Connor. The worst of all is that the demon infection is Shannon’s fault.

Servants Are Cringing Like Scared Rabbits

Servants Are Cringing Like Scared Rabbits

Black Diamond is a satisfying story about a couple of likable kids caught up in their parent’s dark magical past. Jennifer Loiske uses a deft hand in weaving a plot laced with unexpected twists and a shivery mood.

Gentle Readers who enjoy a story centered on a determined young lady with a sturdy sense of right and wrong, but is smart enough to listen to the wiser counsel of her brother, would like Black Diamond. This dark adventure is no diamond in the rough, but rather is a polished sparkling gem of a gothic fantasy.

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