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Glitter Ponies Giveaway on Goodreads

Lita is offering free rides on the wizard’s airship to the land of Clockpunk Wizard.

For all Gentle Readers who are on Goodreads, enter now for your chance to win a FREE autographed paperback copy of Glitter Ponies. The Goodreads Giveaway for Glitter Ponies runs March 1st to 12th, so don’t miss your chance to visit with Wizard Kadmeion, his assistant Sir Bright, and Lady Luck’s young daughter, Miss Probability.

Glitter Ponies by Lita BurkeGlitter Ponies by Lita Burke

In Glitter Ponies, a recent college graduate wizard teams up with Lady Luck’s young daughter to discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness.

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“Forever Boy” Takes Finalist in Readers’ Favorite Contest

Forever Boy RF Finalist 2015Lita is delighted to tell Gentle Reader that the 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest named Forever Boy as the Finalist Winner in its Fiction-Short Story category.

Readers’ Favorite gives readers a resource for quality book reviews. Their annual book award contest offers authors the opportunity to gain recognition and exposure of their books.

This year, Readers’ Favorite honored one of Lita’s Clockpunk Wizard stories. They named Forever Boy as a Finalist Winner in their annual book awards contest. Here is their 5 star review of Forever Boy.

Lita skipped all the way to Alice’s place to tell her good friend the news. “My feet were so caddywhompus on the way here,” Lita said. “I should have stopped and dug for apples until they sorted themselves out.”

The Flamingos Were a Bit Cross

The Flamingos Were a Bit Cross

Alice insisted they celebrate with a rousing game of croquet. As usual, the flamingos were a bit cross about being the mallets. The hedgehogs abandoned their role as balls, and waddled away.

The girls then drank tea with the dormouse until it was time for Lita to go home.

Readers’ Favorite reviewers have said kind things before about Lita’s stories. One reviewer described Forever Boy as “Lita Burke’s steampunk fantasy short story, Forever Boy, is fabulous and filled with magical adventure.” More… Another reviewer gushed this in a 5 star review for Ephraim’s Curious Device: “The Clockpunk Wizard series is a marvelous and magical melding of steampunk with epic fantasy that is fresh, original and really quite exciting.” More…

The award-winning Forever Boy is now just a dollar on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Don’t wait—indulge yourself now with some tea, croquet, and Clockpunk.

Forever Boy By Lita Burke Book Cover RF Finalist

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Don’t stop after reading Forever Boy. Continue your visit in Lita’s Clockpunk Wizard fantasy world. Find out more about Ephraim’s Curious Device, read the back cover blurb, revel in Chapter 1, watch the Ephraim’s book trailer, and then have Ephraim’s Curious Device join Forever Boy on your Kindle, Nook, or iPad/iPhone.


Review: Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block by Michael Gardner is a mystery short story about an office worker named Ralph who travels back in time to unravel the disappearance of his favorite author, J. R. R. Tolkien.

Ralph Visited Oxford to Find Tolkien

Ralph Visited Oxford to Find Tolkien

Records clerk Ralph lives an uneventful life filled with computer work, caring for his cat Noodles, and reading his favorite fantasy stories. One day, a rift in space-time opens in his work cubicle, and takes him back to 1954 London. Thrilled at the opportunity to meet his favorite author, Ralph tracks down a bookstore, but cannot find his most favorite books of all time, The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring.

A dismayed Ralph visits Tolkien’s home in Oxford at number twenty Northmoor Road, and discovers that Tolkien has never lived in this version of London. What Ralph does next to correct this horrible error in the universe does not turn out the way he plans.

Writer’s Block is a fun diversion for Tolkien fans. The best part is Ralph’s practical approach of using time travel to meet one of his literary heroes. Besides, a world without hobbits, Frodo, and Gandalf is too horrible to imagine for epic fantasy fans. Rest assured that the world inside of Writer’s Block is only a story. Just to be sure, Lita checked her bookshelf, and The Lord of the Rings was in its proper place.

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Alien Abduction

Review: Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions by Sharon Delarose is a nonfiction book about alien abduction that describes dream imagery and memories about visiting extraterrestrials.

Screen Memories are Repeated False Memories That Mask What Really Happened

Screen Memories are Repeated False Memories That Mask What Really Happened

This nonfiction book recounts the contents of a woman’s lifelong dream journal.

It details her experiences with repeated alien kidnappings. The book presents an analysis of re-occurring dreams and their common elements, and fits everything into a structure called “Screen Memories.” The Screen Memories are repeated false memories that mask what really happened to the author during alien visits. But even false memories have patterns, and this book peels back the mask.

Throughout the book, the author correlates empirical events from news media reports and dream journal entries. The writing style is matter-of-fact, has attention to detail, and shows organized thinking. Despite the fantastical subject area, the alien abduction accounts have a refreshing clinical factualness. The book’s painstaking correlation of the journal with media research produces a plausible Screen Memories theory.

Comradery With Other Abductees

Comradery With Other Abductees

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions is an excellent treatment of a topic that polarizes people into believers or doubters.

Believers find reassurance that they share a sobering, and terrifying, comradery with other abductees. Doubters put it all into the “has a vivid imagination” bucket. This book does an excellent job of systematically analyzing the dreams and the related real events. Even though the author’s memories were masked by aliens, there is too much coincidence with real events to dismiss the journal entries. The book could convince the doubter there might be something alien going on, after all.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions is recommended for Gentle Readers who enjoy true accounts. Others that demand correlated facts to give credence to fantastical situations would enjoy the painstaking cross-referencing. No matter if Gentle Reader is an alien abduction believer or doubter, this book delivers treats for both camps.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions on Amazon US

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A Heartbroken Shannon Leaves Boston

Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske and Eveliina Tommola is a YA fantasy about Shannon McLean, a 12-year-old girl who moves in with her magician father and is immersed in a demon-infested battle.

Her Father Lives in a Musty Manor House

Her Father Lives in a Musty Manor House

Three weeks after her mother passes away, a heartbroken Shannon leaves Boston and moves to London to live with a father she doesn’t remember. Connor McLean lives in a musty manor house and is aloof, mysterious, and a bit terrifying to his cheeky daughter.

The servants are either cringing like scared rabbits or lost in a thrall-like state. The strangest thing of all is that everyone has curious tattoos on their wrists, and the inked images move. Contrasting these hideous things is discovering she has a twin brother named Ian. Separated soon after they were born, Ian lived his whole life in this huge house with a father who has slowly descended into evil. Ian also has an unbelievable revelation for his sister. The twins are powerful witches, and they must combine their power and save their father from the demon that is slowly devouring Connor. The worst of all is that the demon infection is Shannon’s fault.

Servants Are Cringing Like Scared Rabbits

Servants Are Cringing Like Scared Rabbits

Black Diamond is a satisfying story about a couple of likable kids caught up in their parent’s dark magical past. Jennifer Loiske uses a deft hand in weaving a plot laced with unexpected twists and a shivery mood.

Gentle Readers who enjoy a story centered on a determined young lady with a sturdy sense of right and wrong, but is smart enough to listen to the wiser counsel of her brother, would like Black Diamond. This dark adventure is no diamond in the rough, but rather is a polished sparkling gem of a gothic fantasy.

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Crossed Threads of a Story

Review: A Gathering of Twine

A Gathering of Twine (The Spirals of Danu) by Martin Adil-Smith is an epic fantasy about Freeman, a writer who tells a most dangerous tale.

Shadowy Mystery Men Trail Freeman

Shadowy Mystery Men Trail Freeman

The elderly Freeman hurries to a meeting with his book publisher. He totes a briefcase stuffed with incriminating papers concerning his next story. Three shadowy mystery men trail him, people who want to keep the truth from reaching Freeman’s considerable following.

The author makes his meeting, and at his publisher Danielle’s urging, Freeman makes a most startling claim. His simple statement mocks the existence of a creator and the societal underpinnings of all we hold dear. Does Freeman have proof? Hoo boy, does he ever.

A Gathering of Twine unfolds as if picking apart a snarled ball of yarn–or more accurately, a tangle of barbed wire. The story has many threads, and they unwind Freeman’s tale starting with text from ancient stone tablets that reference modern-day conventions. Next are firsthand accounts of people mixed up with supernatural events, and sprinkled within are biblical and other holy book references.

Even the Children Drank the Poisoned Fruit Drink

Even the Children Drank the Poisoned Fruit Drink

Adil-Smith finishes the story with a fascinating explanation of the Jonestown incident with the unsettling tape-recorded confession of a Jim Jones follower. Their faith started with convincing visions of heaven. But after peeling away the magical veneer, underneath was the hell described eons ago in Freeman’s ancient stone tablets. Drinking the poison-laced purple fruit drink was truly the lesser of the Jonestown’s evils.

Fantasy fans that enjoy well-told twisty yarns would like being tangled up in A Gathering of Twine. Be warned, there are chilly ruined lives in this story, and the delicious devils are so convincing. They will have Gentle Reader reaching for that purple drink in no time.

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A Storm is Coming

Review: The Deadliest Game

The Deadliest Game by H. E. Joyce is a thriller about the recently remarried therapist Laura Mitchell and her deadly entanglement with a revengeful person from her past.

Laura and Her Son Jody Settle in Brooksville

Laura and Her Son Jody Settle in Brooksville

Laura has moved to the small seaside town of Brooksville with her eight-year-old son Jody after recovering from the tragic circumstances of her first marriage. She meets the handsome attorney Michael Peterson at a party, and ten months later, they marry. They settle in at Laura’s secluded and lovely property on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Laura resumes her therapy practice and Jody starts school with a teacher he likes. However, Michael has a secret that threatens to ruin everything.

A Desperate Chase and Elude for Laura

A Desperate Chase and Elude for Laura

The Deadliest Game teases with an idyllic restart to Laura’s life, but the early hints about something much darker from her past kept Lita reading. Disappointment with the newlywed Michael’s behavior soon changed into an unsettled awe of the despicable person who had entangled him. The connection between Michael’s problem and Laura’s past was one of many twists. The desperate chase and elude scene during a savage rainstorm tied a dandy bow on this thriller package. A tip of the hat goes to H. E. Joyce for constructing a deliciously dangerous plot with likable characters. The bad guy’s actions were deplorable, but he was also multifaceted.

Suspense fans who love woman-in-jeopardy thrillers will enjoy The Deadliest Game. But Gentle Reader might want to wear a raincoat to keep from getting soaked during Laura’s frantic battle at the end.

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