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Elf-Kind Woman from Lita Burke's Glitter Ponies

Halfway: Glitter Ponies

Welcome to Lita’s castle here in the Northern Realms. Step into her magical laboratory and see what’s on the slab.

Not Only for Little Girls Who Fancy Unicorns

Not Only for Little Girls Who Fancy Unicorns

Lita has reached the midpoint of the draft for the next story, Glitter Ponies.

In this Clockpunk Wizard tale, Lady Luck’s young daughter helps Wizard Kadmeion discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness.

Despite that lovely unicorn magic, Glitter Ponies is not only for little girls who fancy unicorns. Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright do the unthinkable–they try to take a vacation on floating Wuddlekins Island. This wintry locale is the highest island in the elf realm’s archipelago. Bright’s brother is the island’s magical steward, and Wuddlekins boasts the largest herd of unicorns in the entire plate-shaped, ocean world of Clockpunk Wizard.

Headmistress Thomasyn of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour on Wuddlekins Island

Headmistress Thomasyn of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour on Wuddlekins Island

Our magic men face the most dangerous challenge of their budding wizardry-for-hire careers. Girlfriends.

Amorous women like elf-kind Madam Loveday, and the local schoolmarm of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour, Headmistress Thomasyn, vie for the guys’ affections.

Even their accompanying guest on this trip, Lady Luck’s daughter Miss Probability, discovers that boy kisses aren’t all that bad. Plus, all three vacationers learn that when they mix wizardry, luck, and unicorns together, love is deliciously unpredictable.

Read the Glitter Ponies back cover blurb.

Malfunctioning Rig Monkey

Twice-Seventh Son Elf Magic

Malfunctioning Rig Monkey

Malfunctioning Rig Monkey

What a clear, fine day here on deck. Those brass monkey contraptions are the clockwork automata that Bright created to tend the airship sails. Quite nimble, aren’t they? Looks like Bright is coming down now.

Lita: Greetings, Sir Bright. Do you have time to talk with us?

Bright: I always have time to talk with you, Lita. I would have met all of you earlier when you came on board, but I had to retire a malfunctioning rig monkey. Wizard Nob on Mevil Isle insisted we take the Meat-Man’s automata as a gift. Its inferior minor demon went a bit mad. It damaged some of the pulley mechanisms before our clockwork homunculi captured it.

Lita: Considering Wizard Nob conjured the demon, I’m not surprised it was inferior. I hope you can repair the damage to the airship.

Bright: I fixed the pulleys and adjusted the rope tension just before you came up on deck. Don’t worry about the defective rig monkey bothering us. I used a standard spell to release the minor demon back to the Nether Plains. Because it was a dead body, I tossed the remains overboard. There was nothing I wanted to salvage from the ill-made thing.

Seven Sons

Seven Sons

Lita: Thank you for throwing out the trash. We wanted to ask you about your elf magic, especially being the seventh son of a seventh son.

Bright: Seven children is a big family. In contrast, Kadmeion was an only child, which is a typical situation for a human wizard or sorceress. Not so for elf-born children. Since my father is also a seventh son plus a talented magician, everyone had high expectations that I would be a rare elf wizard. Because my magical talent didn’t develop as expected, my older brothers picked on me. I guess they blamed me for being inferior.

Lita: Well, we all found out what happened to your magical talent in the Forever Boy story. Your father is full-blood elf, and your mother is human?

Fey Izlyesende's home

Fey Izlyesende’s home on the airship

Bright: Correct. It makes me and my brothers hybrid magicians called narfleets. We have a blend of human and elf magical abilities, but those talents are weaker than if we were full bloods. My mother’s heritage allows me to cast spells using sung words and magical props. Elves have glamour magic and talent with plants. My glamour is quite strong, but I have less talent with herbology. I enjoy puttering with my collection of miniature oak trees in the airship’s quercetum.

Lita: I understand you picked up some new shipmates who live in your onboard oak forest.

Bright: It was a near thing losing the fey-folk in the circumstances with Ephraim’s Curious Device. You might not see Izlyesende and the others today, since there’s a crowd of people with you. Fairies are shy and need quiet circumstances. Kadmeion and I are fortunate that the quercetum, and our magic, nurture them.

Lita: We might not have time to visit the fairies. Looks like we’re approaching Veldt Island. We must go below now and get ready for our onshore excursion.

A Ghost From the Fields of Yalu

Charming and Housing Ghosts in Sye

Ghosts are frequent visitors to the Enchanters of Sye world in Tredan’s Bane and Wrath. Only Enchanters, Sciomancers, and people wearing Ghost Amulets can see and interact with Sye’s ghosts.

A ghost appears solid and wears similar clothes to when it was a live person, but empty eyes show it as a wandering spirit.  Ghosts have gaps in their memories, and it’s difficult for them to learn new tasks.  They have intellect instead of emotions, so an empath cannot sense their feelings in the usual way.  A Sciomancer can bewitch a ghost to tell secrets from its life, and also make it report the ghost’s conversations with others.

Close-up View of the Spells Inside a Ghost Amulet Containing Many Rooms

Close-up View of the Spells Inside a Ghost Amulet Containing Many Rooms

Ghost Amulets

Although the Church’s head magician, His Divine, banned the practice, a talented Sciomancer can call a specific ghost and compel it to stay inside a Ghost Amulet.  Constructing elaborate amulets is a popular magic craft with Magic Guild workers; avid amulet makers hold competitions to display their non-inhabited Ghost Amulets containing dozens of elaborate rooms.

Inhabited Ghost Amulets are dangerous.  An amulet keeper must not wear the occupied amulet near the heart, or the keeper risks madness induced by the resident ghost.

Better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell

Better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell

Ghost Charms

Most Sye residents do not have the native magical talent to see and converse with ghosts.  Church magicians, especially Priests and senior Sciomancers, construct charms to allow the wearer to interact with ghosts. The typical spells in a Ghost Charm include calling and banishing a ghost by name, plus the ability to see and talk with the ghost.  The better-made Ghost Charms have a Glamour Spell that will attract nearby ghosts to the charm’s wearer.