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Necronomicon Enchanter: Essence Kiss

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. Today we read about the pleasures and dangers of essence kisses.


The Best Way for an Enchanter to Disperse Essence was with an Essence Kiss

The Best Way for an Enchanter to Disperse Essence was with an Essence Kiss

The original Enchanters used their bodies to transform unpalatable tree magic into essence that non-Enchanter magicians could use. They produced potent charms to distribute magical essence. But charms were not the Enchanters’ preference. The best way for an Enchanter to disperse essence was through direct contact, namely an essence kiss. Although kisses were a lovely way to share essence with intimates, the savagery of the essence mad made the kiss impractical.

In an effort to decrease the madness, the Enchanters produced new charms containing diluted essence. And they faced other problems with the Enchanters’ Magical Discipline.

An Especially Savage Attack From One of the Essence Mad Forced the Enchanters to Take Drastic Measures

An Especially Savage Attack From One of the Essence Mad Forced the Enchanters to Take Drastic Measures

The ten mages’ magical power increased many fold, but they grew weaker in other surprising areas. They also struggled to protect themselves from weather extremes and the aggressive actions of the essence mad.

Matters finally became a crisis. After an especially savage attack that maimed and nearly killed an Enchanter, the ten enclave magicians took drastic measures to protect themselves.

Next time: Five Schools

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Get an Enchanter's Kiss Before You Go

Get a Goodbye Kiss

Gentle Reader journeys to the Enchanters of Sye world today. And the best part? Get an Enchanter’s goodbye kiss before you return home–if you dare to lose yourself in delicious enchantment.

An Enchanter's First Kiss Creates the Sweetest Enthrallment

An Enchanter’s First Kiss Creates the Sweetest Enthrallment

Sye’s Enchanters lavish affection on those who adore magical submersion. A single Enchanter’s kiss can create a delighted magical confidant–if the receiver doesn’t lose control and attack the Enchanter.

Beware. Pure magical essence from the source can drive a magic-starved recipient mad. Ah, the sweet risk of enthrallment.

Lita hears that Enchanter kisses taste like cinnamon and chocolate with a hint of peppery spice. The bold Gentle Reader can get a first Enchanter’s essence kiss here, and savor details about Sye’s magical essence.

What of taking a second kiss? That repeat binds the affectionate Enchanter to you. This tie is the Enchanters’ curse that makes these lovely magicians so generous with essence kisses.

Sharing magical essence is a pleasurable burden, but the Enchanters’ wanton affections enrage the Church magicians. If Gentle Reader wishes to become an Enchanter’s Essence Partner, pucker up here.

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Kisses are Magical Hanky-Panky

It's Kiss an Enchanter Day

It’s Kiss an Enchanter Day

February 14th is the official “Kiss an Enchanter Day” here at Lita’s castle. Before we get all distracted with the pleasurable mechanics, let’s talk about the psychology of smooches in Lita’s fantasy world of Sye.

Sye’s magical essence kisses are a cornerstone in Wrath, Tredan’s Bane, and the forthcoming Ghost Orchid. These stories look at the spell casting and political shenanigans of a world where magical power is a commodity.

Intimacy Mind Magic

Consider the kiss, so sweet and full of bliss. On the practical level, kisses fuel the magical hanky-panky for making little wizards.

Kisses Fortify Trust and Passion With a Partner

Kisses Fortify Trust and Passion With a Partner

But on the mind magic (psychology) level, kisses fortify trust and passion with a partner. A kiss mixes touch, smell, and taste to celebrate affection.

A kiss brings another person into our vulnerable personal space and shows we risk catching an infection and losing our heart. The best kisses reassure and inflame us with their magic.

How to Make Magic

Some of Sye’s plants have low levels of essence that animals consume to get their dose of magic. Human magicians who are predisposed to distillation spells ingest the essence-rich flora and generate concentrated magical essence in their bodies. These magic-saturated attractive people are Enchanters, not only in name, but also in their very nature.

Sye's Magical Essence is as Necessary as Salt

Sye’s Magical Essence is as Necessary as Salt

Enchanters distribute their essence using kisses and other less wanton methods. Sye’s people need a dose every day. Think of essence as a magical salt, but much more fun to dispense than with a salt shaker.

Join the Ranks

Sye’s world can be harsh with the Enchanters’ seductive ways, and establishing trusted essence partners is especially important to these affectionate mages. Male Enchanters recruit non-magician confidantes to draw off their extra essence using the Enchanter Kiss spell. In addition to the usual attraction of a willing recipient, the spell endears the receiver by flooding them with untainted magical power.

This deluge releases feel-good magical substances (endorphins). The essence onslaught in an Enchanter Kiss spell also repairs the receiver’s physical, thaumaturgic, and emotional wear-and-tear.

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Make It Last

Want to start with a teasing kiss of Enchanter excitement? Get your first taste of the luscious chocolate, cinnamon, and spicy flavor of Enchanter kisses in Chapter 1 of Lita’s short story, Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane. Then, be ready to RUN. Afterwards, if Gentle Reader is ready for a delectable deluge of magical essence, Chapter 1 of Tredan’s Bane awaits your viewing pleasure.

Ah, lovely Valentine’s Day is here. However you prefer your magical kisses, it is time to celebrate affection with your favorite Enchanter.

One of the Dreamy Enchanter Magic Schools in Sye

Dreaming About Sye’s Enchanters

Dreams are Magic. In them, we can fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. We cast inhibitions aside and do the impossible.

Whether Gentle Reader believe dreams are the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores, or they are a mystical place we visit, fantastic worlds await when we sleep.

The Enchanters in Sye’s world have been with Lita a long time. I started writing about them in college and saw how they had organized themselves into the five schools of magic. Enchanters were sensual. They faced a nameless evil. I tasted their chocolate-cinnamon-peppery magical essence kisses. I had first dreamed of them and then just had to write about these delightful creatures.

Long-standing Peace Bridging the Enchanters and Churchies was Crumbling

Long-standing Peace Bridging the Enchanters and Churchies was Crumbling

A Different Point of View

Later years showed Lita that life was not idyllic, and the Enchanters needed more focused conflict in Sye. The faceless evil turned into a more realistic conflict with magicians with a different point of view–Churchies.

Conflict now had faces and names. But dreaming of Enchanters’ magic remains to this day, and that fuels the draft for Tredan’s Bane sequel, Ghost Orchid.

Next, Lita will talk about the meanings of names in Sye, and fill you in about the party preparations here at Lita’s place for Tredan’s Bane.