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The Fantasy World of Sye Came to Lita in Dreams

Dreams are Mystical Worlds

The Enchanters of Sye, like fantasy worlds will do, came to Lita in dreams. Follow Lita, Gentle Reader, and see how Sye began. 

Sye's Magic Awoke in Lita's Dreams--The Five Magic Schools, Tredan's Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

Sye’s Magic Awoke in Lita’s Dreams–The Five Magic Schools, Tredan’s Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

In dreams, we fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. Dreams free us from our mundane bodies and we can do the impossible.

Dreams might be the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores. Perhaps they are true mystical places where we make nightly sojourns and return in the morning. Sye is a demanding dream baby. It requires frequent visits to its distant shores. Then in the early morning, Lita sits at her writing-table while the dreams still sparkle and tells Gentle Reader about Sye’s Enchanter kisses, Church Enforcers, and a dangerous spell book.

Dream some more…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Time is a Magical Thread in Tales

Through the Eyes of Spell Casters

A Story's Time Floats Gentle Reader Away

A Story’s Time Floats Gentle Reader Away

Lita talks about time today, by way of the Enchanters of Sye world.

Sye is a diverse and multi-faceted magical world. It entwines storylines about magicians, Enchanters, and Magic Guild workers. The reader plunges into a deep magical well and loses track of time. What of time flow in a story? How should an author keep pesky story events from gamboling all over the place? Help is here. It’s time to talk about…time.

Time is a Magical Thread Inside a Tale

Time is a Magical Thread Inside a Tale

Time is full of enchantment. Consider it the hidden magical thread inside the story. Lita shares tips on how to capture its sensuous flow.

Come close. Learn how the clock conquerors, why a minute burns, and how a story’s time (and delicious story time) can float Gentle Reader away.

Take some time to peek at Sye’s magic…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Passage to an Abandoned Chapel in Sye's Old Burial Yard


Gentle Reader travels to the Enchanters of Sye world today. We stop by the Old Burial Yard in the northeast side of Isor Town and visit one of the Church’s offices–the magical custodians of Sye’s ghosts. 

Sciomancers are Ghost Specialists

Sciomancers are Ghost Specialists

The Church’s specialty magicians for crypt and ghost spells are Sciomancers. They call ghosts at will, bind the spirits to prepared niches in the Church’s catacombs, or hold them in (unapproved by His Divine) bewitched ghost amulets. Another Sciomancer responsibility is transcribing copies of the Book of the Dead–it contains poems, songs, and advice for Sye’s living residents. It is also a handbook for the restless ghosts in the Fields of Yalu.

More about Sye’s Sciomancers…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Secret Names Unlock Personal Magical Power in the Fantasy World of Sye

Key to Personal Enchantments

Gentle Reader visits the Enchanters of Sye today. Lita takes you to the sorceresses’ library at the Magic Guild. See all these ancestry books? Peek inside this one. Here are the names of magicians, long dead. Why so many names for just one person? Lita explains.

In Sye, a Mother Gives a Secret Name that Becomes the Life-long Source of Her Child's Magical Power

In Sye, a Mother Gives a Secret Name that Becomes the Life-long Source of Her Child’s Magical Power

Magical power lurks in knowing the names of people, objects, and ideas. Confidences also have hidden strength.

Combine these two elements, and a Secret Name is the key to unlocking that magician’s power. In Sye, a person’s Secret Name is the closest-kept magical strength, and weakness, for an individual. A mother gives the name to her newborn and shares the life-long secret with her child. Spouses exchange Secret Names on their wedding night. And Enchanters share Secret Names with only their dearest Essence Partners.

Unlock more magical secrets here…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Ghosts Walk in the Enchanters of Sye World

Ghosts Abide

Lita takes Gentle Reader on a cemetery tour in the Enchanters of Sye world today. Ghosts walk in Sye, and specialty magicians called Sciomancers weave spells to lure, house, and speak with the specters.

Most Sye residents cannot see or hear ghosts. Sciomancer charms let the wearer interact with spirits.

Most Sye residents cannot see or hear ghosts. Sciomancer charms let the wearer interact with spirits.

Although the Church’s head magician, His Divine, banned the practice, a talented Sciomancer can call a spirit from the Fields of Yalu and trap it in a Ghost Amulet. Constructing elaborate amulets is a popular spell craft with Magic Guild workers.

Avid amulet makers create fanciful non-inhabited ghostly abodes with dozens of elaborate rooms inside. Hobnobbing with ghosts is risky. An amulet keeper must not wear an occupied amulet near the heart, or risk madness caused by the ghost.

More haunting details about Sye’s ghosts…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

A Wee Dragonette

Here There Be Dragonettes

Gentle Reader journeys to the Enchanters of Sye world today. Let Lita make introductions. Please meet a wee charmer, the dragonette. These sentient magical creatures are the colors of the four magic types: Earthe, Mer, Aer, and Fyre. 

This hatchling is an Earthe dragonette because of its brown color and is small enough to sit in an Enchanter's palm. This talkative creature will grow into a five-foot wingspan.

This hatchling is an Earthe dragonette because of its brown color and is small enough to sit in an Enchanter’s palm. This talkative creature will grow into a five-foot wingspan.

A dragonette is a miniature five-pound dragon, typically 4’ long with wing span almost 5’ wide.  Domesticated dragonettes are the pampered pets of magic workers and Enchanters.

Along with a basic omnivore diet of fish and fresh vegetables, dragonettes must also consume magical essence every day to stay alive. Because they eat magic, dragonette caretakers must acquire and register their dracons through the local Magic Guild.

Much more about Sye’s dragonettes…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

Church Enforcers in Sye

Introducing the Fantasy World of Sye

Recent readers of Tredan’s Bane asked Lita for more information about its fantasy world called Sye. It is a place filled with dragonettes, magical essence, and those oh-so-delicious Enchanters. For those Gentle Readers who have not yet indulged themselves with a visit to Sye, let Lita introduce you to its ghosts, magic, and mysteries.

Lita Burke

With the release of my epic fantasy novel  Tredan’s Bane scheduled for the end of this month, I’m beginning a series of blog posts about the fantasy world in Tredan’s Bane and Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane .  I wanted to introduce you to this rich fantasy world and its inhabitants.

Sye is the land where the Enchanters, Church magicians, and others (called ‘non-Maji’kers’) live.  The humans, and some sentient fantasy creatures, use magic (also called ‘essence’) as a commodity for personal and practical use to power mechanisms that would otherwise use physics or natural laws.  For example, Magic Guild workers keep up spells for the street fountains and waste disposal.  Many of Sye’s humans have some magical ability, and can master basic skills such as slight-of-hand, use charms, or levitate small objects.

The landscape of Sye consists of pre-industrial towns and cities, farms, fishing villages, and mountain communities.  Travel is by carriage…

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Lita's Magic Show

Lita’s Magic Show: Desire and a Spell Book

Enchanters and Ghosts Walk in the Fields of Yalu

Enchanters and Ghosts Walk in the Fields of Yalu

Welcome to evening time in the forest near Lita’s castle.  Wandering wizards camp here in colorful carts and put on their magic shows.

A lovely blond sorceress stands and gives us a winsome grin. She curtsies, twitches the skirt of her sparkly green gown, and scatters its earth magic in a mint-scented cloud around the campfire.

“Be careful whom you kiss in Lita’s fantasy worlds,” madam magician says.  “An Enchanter’s kiss awakens inner magic and destroys resolve. I have a story about a magical tome and sunny tombs. Let us speak with the ghosts and follow the Enchanters into the Fields of Yalu. We might return with our heart’s sour and lovely desire.”

The sorceress gives us her cautionary tale about magical passion and an oddities dealer who hides her kidnapped husband’s spell book.

Here begins the magic woman’s warning.

Next time, a half-breed elf whistles his haunting magic about Mermaid Fare and a Dragon.

See the other magic shows where a talking dog tells us about Mandrakes and Minor Demons, a dapper wizardling spins his yarn on Harsh Words and a Familiar, and a mage speaks of a Dire Secret and a Dragonette.

Lita’s Magic Show: Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Welcome to the forest near Lita’s castle–a place where wandering wizards pull up their colorful carts and put on magic shows.

This is the first of a series of posts about the comings and goings of the folks at the ongoing magic faire outside of Lita’s castle. When dusk settles in, the mages gather and tell their stories around the campfire. They form images and sounds from the flames and smoke. Let’s pull up a stool and listen to the first tale:

“Glimpse dragons so tiny, they perch on their masters’ shoulders and coo like doves.  Discover a magician’s secret that threatens all he holds dear.”

This mage whispers a cautionary tale about a dragonette and an Enchanter’s battle to keep his shameful spells out of the wrong hands.

Read how this story begins.

Next time, a wizard tells his story about Harsh Words and a Familiar.

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Kisses are Magical Hanky-Panky

It's Kiss an Enchanter Day

It’s Kiss an Enchanter Day

February 14th is the official “Kiss an Enchanter Day” here at Lita’s castle. Before we get all distracted with the pleasurable mechanics, let’s talk about the psychology of smooches in Lita’s fantasy world of Sye.

Sye’s magical essence kisses are a cornerstone in Wrath, Tredan’s Bane, and the forthcoming Ghost Orchid. These stories look at the spell casting and political shenanigans of a world where magical power is a commodity.

Intimacy Mind Magic

Consider the kiss, so sweet and full of bliss. On the practical level, kisses fuel the magical hanky-panky for making little wizards.

Kisses Fortify Trust and Passion With a Partner

Kisses Fortify Trust and Passion With a Partner

But on the mind magic (psychology) level, kisses fortify trust and passion with a partner. A kiss mixes touch, smell, and taste to celebrate affection.

A kiss brings another person into our vulnerable personal space and shows we risk catching an infection and losing our heart. The best kisses reassure and inflame us with their magic.

How to Make Magic

Some of Sye’s plants have low levels of essence that animals consume to get their dose of magic. Human magicians who are predisposed to distillation spells ingest the essence-rich flora and generate concentrated magical essence in their bodies. These magic-saturated attractive people are Enchanters, not only in name, but also in their very nature.

Sye's Magical Essence is as Necessary as Salt

Sye’s Magical Essence is as Necessary as Salt

Enchanters distribute their essence using kisses and other less wanton methods. Sye’s people need a dose every day. Think of essence as a magical salt, but much more fun to dispense than with a salt shaker.

Join the Ranks

Sye’s world can be harsh with the Enchanters’ seductive ways, and establishing trusted essence partners is especially important to these affectionate mages. Male Enchanters recruit non-magician confidantes to draw off their extra essence using the Enchanter Kiss spell. In addition to the usual attraction of a willing recipient, the spell endears the receiver by flooding them with untainted magical power.

This deluge releases feel-good magical substances (endorphins). The essence onslaught in an Enchanter Kiss spell also repairs the receiver’s physical, thaumaturgic, and emotional wear-and-tear.

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Enchanters Pass Magical Essence to Their Partners

Make It Last

Want to start with a teasing kiss of Enchanter excitement? Get your first taste of the luscious chocolate, cinnamon, and spicy flavor of Enchanter kisses in Chapter 1 of Lita’s short story, Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane. Then, be ready to RUN. Afterwards, if Gentle Reader is ready for a delectable deluge of magical essence, Chapter 1 of Tredan’s Bane awaits your viewing pleasure.

Ah, lovely Valentine’s Day is here. However you prefer your magical kisses, it is time to celebrate affection with your favorite Enchanter.