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A Magical Charm from Tredan's Magical Curios

Guild Matters Sye: Tredan’s Magical Curios

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds.

Street Lamp Outside of Tredan's Magical Curios

Street Lamp Outside of Tredan’s Magical Curios

Tredan’s Magical Curios was a small magical charms shop in the town of Isor in the Enchanters of Sye world. It featured bulk supplies for amulet crafters, and offered ready-made charms for household and personal use.

Its proprietor, Tredan Vendbebelot (Guild Designation: Curios Merchant) was a retired Enchanter, and excelled in all aspects of custom charm making. His wife Lanith ran the business side of the shop, and was skilled with invoking the magic in charms, amulets, and fetishes. Tredan’s Magical Curios was centrally located in the merchant district of Isor, at the intersection of Byrtwold, Upton, and Goldwine streets. The two merchants lived upstairs from their store until it burnt down, and Tredan vanished during the fire.

After the loss of her husband, Lanith established a new store called Ghost Orchid Charms on Attewater Street in downtown Isor, across from the Magic Guild House and the Isor Enchanters School. Her new store sells Enchanter-made charms supplied by the local school.

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Tredan's Dreadful Past Caught Up With Him

Stop Your Blather

Lita takes Gentle Reader to the Enchanters of Sye world today, with an excerpt from her award-winning short story, Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane.

It Had a Heavy Golden Chain. And Potent Spells.

It Had a Heavy Golden Chain. And Potent Spells.

Retired Enchanter Tredan is alone in his magical curio shop, unpacking a box of charms.

A routine shipment holds an unpleasant surprise–a rival magician called a Church Enforcer has planted a charm inside the box that captures its recipient within a powerful enthrallment.

Tredan poses as a harmless secular magician now, and thought he was far removed from the Enchanter versus Church politics. But he has a shameful secret. This Enforcer knows about Tredan’s spell book, and the day of reckoning has arrived for the retired Enchanter. The Enforcer talks to Tredan through this Compulsion Charm.

Tredan forced his fingers open and stared at the Compulsion Charm. Unlike the other cheap charms in the box, this one had intricate scrollwork etched into a sparkling outer casing. It had a heavy golden chain. And potent spells.

He Kept His Hideous Journal Safe All These Years

He Kept His Hideous Journal Safe All These Years

Come to me. Bring the journal.

He had been cautious and kept his hideous journal safe all these years. How could he have been so susceptible? He was now caught and could not escape. Tredan bowed his head. His world went dark. For a time, all else went away except his despair. If the Enforcer came now, Tredan would surrender and be done with his furtive struggle.

Time passed. His black stupor lifted. Tredan raised his head.

“I will not hand over the journal. My bane.”

You will, Tredan.

“My marriage would be a sham if I gave up the journal now. I would not have Lanith think I used her to hide my secret.”

Tredan's Marriage to Lanith Would Be a Sham If He Gave Up the Journal Now

Tredan’s Marriage to Lanith Would Be a Sham If He Gave Up the Journal Now

You failed long ago when you accepted His Divine’s magic.

“He tricked me.”

Enchanters were gullible then. That’s why you fell.

“The Enchanters trusted the Church then. There’s a difference.” Tredan took a deep breath. “His Divine’s magic forced me to write the journal. I accept what’s happened.”

You’re resigned. Good.

“I’ve hidden it well.”

I’ll find the journal despite your stubbornness.

Tredan dropped the Compulsion Charm into his pocket. “Stop your blather, Church filth. I have matters to attend to.”

(Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane excerpt Copyright 2011 by Lita Burke. All rights reserved.)

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Immerse yourself with irresistible magic, regrettable choices, and a unconquorable foe--then be ready to run.

Praised by Readers’ Favorite with a 5 Star Review: Lita Burke’s Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane

Discover How a Former Enchanter Uses Thorns to Battle an Enforcer in Wrath, Prequel to Tredan's Bane

Discover How a Former Enchanter Uses Thorns to Battle an Enforcer in Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane

Let’s not forget that other fantasy world of Lita’s, the Enchanters of Sye. Come take a look at the new goings-on about Wrath.

Readers’ Favorite recently read Lita’s fantasy short story, Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane, and praised it with a lovely 5 star review.

In Wrath, retired Enchanter Tredan battles a powerful magician to keep a dangerous spell book from falling into the wrong hands. Immerse yourself with irresistible magic, regrettable choices, and an unconquerable foe–then be ready to RUN!

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Lita Burke’s short story is a beautifully crafted and exciting magical fantasy.

Wrath begins an epic fantasy about retired Enchanter Tredan and his wife Lanith, who are magical curio merchants in the seaside town of Isor. They have lived peaceful lives for many years, but a spell that transcends their marriage vows keeps Tredan’s lips sealed about his secret journal. Lanith knows nothing about this devastating book that will enslave the source of magic in their world called Sye.

One morning while Lanith is out on an errand, a compulsion charm hidden in a shipping box brings Tredan’s disgraceful past to his door. It warns that an Enforcer is on his way to Tredan. This superior magician wants the journal, and he will stop at nothing to acquire it.

Irresistible Magic ~ Regrettable Choices ~ Unconquerable Foe

Irresistible Magic ~ Regrettable Choices ~ Unconquerable Foe

Tredan must warn Lanith to keep away. He will do anything, even enlist the help of the dead, to keep his beloved wife from succumbing to the Enforcer’s wrath.

Read Chapter 1 of Wrath now, then perhaps view the Wrath book trailer. The Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane e-book is available now with instant gratification for Kindle, Nook, and iPad/iPhone.

Don’t stop running after reading Wrath. Continue your visit in Lita’s Enchanters of Sye fantasy world. Find out more about Tredan’s Bane, read the back cover blurb, revel in Chapter 1, watch the book trailer, and have Tredan’s Bane join Wrath on your Kindle, Nook, or iPad/iPhone.