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My Gal-Pal Miss Pickerell

I want to talk about a book that showed me a strong woman in a fascinating-anything-possible world:  Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars by Ellen MacGregor.

About the Story

Miss Pickerell is a spinster on her way home from the fair where she was exhibiting a rock collection.  In her very old car, she gives Mr. Haggerty a ride.  He is the navigator on a spaceship bound for Mars.  The unflappable Miss Pickerell disbelieves this until she finds the spaceship parked in her pasture just as bold as you please.  Her curiosity gets the best of her.  Snooping gets Miss Pickerell on the flight to Mars in place of Mr. Haggerty.

How We Met

I met Miss Pickerell by happenstance when I was six years old, via my older brother’s bookshelf.  Miss P convinced me of two things: confidence in myself, and science was nothing to fear.  Her cool head and no-nonsense way of talking with the men made this painfully shy young woman find the confidence to blossom into a life-long technology geek and a ravenous reader.  She’s one of a few story characters responsible for my venture into writing fantasy.

How She Whispers in My Novels

Miss P’s way still gives me a smile.  I’ve crossed paths with many curmudgeonly people since her.  This daunting woman who loved her cow and collected rocks showed me that not all grouches are bad.  Some of her derring-do finds its way into my female characters, although I tone down the grumpiness.

What about the science in Miss P’s world–it seems almost silly now, but what did it mean to an introverted little girl with a big imagination?  It convinced me that anything was possible.  Magic and wonderful creatures in fantasy worlds are only a computer keyboard away.  And even feisty spinsters can fly to Mars.

On Amazon:  Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars by Ellen MacGregor