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Lita Burke's Magic Show

Lita’s Magic Show: Mermaid Fare and a Dragon

Mermaids Love Wizards to Death

Mermaids Love Wizards to Death

Welcome to the forest near Lita’s castle. Travelling wizards have camped here all night in their colorful carts and put on magic shows.

Dawn approaches, and morning birdsong surrounds us. We have time for one more wonder before we must break camp and go on our way.

A half-breed elf stands and tugs his immaculate magic worker’s tunic to rights. His azure eyes dazzle and he holds us breathless with a mere glance. This son of a prince whistles his spell, and the enchantment echoes as if we sit in the canyon lands and not the forest. We lean in to listen.

“How horrible and lovely mermaids be,” the elf-kind says. “Why do love-struck merfolk tear an unlucky wizard’s flesh from his very bones? And a mage’s promise is no small matter. When we mix it with a dragon’s enchantment and Lady Luck’s kiss, wizardry might even persuade Sir Death.”

A wizard finds out–the hard way–about mermaids’ affection when he faces a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a powerful spell book for a love-starved dragon.

The elf begins his tale.

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