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For Furgo, time does fly

Treasure Under Furgo-Boy’s Bed

For Furgo, time does fly

For Furgo, time does fly

What a sweaty ride we had through Veldt Island’s hot savanna. Go ahead to your staterooms and freshen up–I’ll be along after a while. It looks like Furgo has a new treasure he wants to show me. Curious? Come along, then. We’ll follow the cyanthrope to his room.

Lita: You keep your room so tidy, Furgo. I thought lads and dogs were messy.

Furgo: Madam Lita, this is the first time I had a place of my very own. I love everything about my room. I can arrange it however I please, put my treasures in here, and no one will touch them.

Lita: You deserve the very best after your terrible adventures in Ephraim’s Curious Device. Your new treasure is a clock that flies. Did your friend Bright make the clockworks?

Furgo: He did, and Kadmeion gave it wings like a butterfly. It purrs when it flies, just like our fey-folk. Fairy Izlyesende wants to tell you something when we’re settled for treats in the dining room.

Lita: I’d better hurry and wash off Veldt’s dust, then get along to the galley. Izlyesende usually tells us silly or naughty things.

Come to the Book Launch Party for Ephraim’s

Time for more talk about the Clockpunk Wizard world in Ephraim’s Curious Device. Wizard Kadmeion’s airship departs from here this Sunday, January 13th. Come as your are–it will be an informal affair.

Step on up to read more about Clockpunk Wizard

Step on up to read more about Clockpunk Wizard

Starting at 8 o’clock this coming Sunday morning, Lita will talk with the magicians about matters from the just-released eBook, Ephraim’s Curious Device. Be sure to drop by and catch posts about Dragon Betrayal’s hobbies, fey care, and wildebeest.

Kadmeion will discuss the differences between magical thingummys, dodads, and whatnots. Sir Bright will cover sibling rivalry between elf sons. Furgo sets us straight about what he hides under his bed. Fairy Izlyesende will give advice about romantic relationships. Lita will also share a few words about the next Clockpunk Wizard story, Old Bony Blue Eyes.

Before you come aboard, you might want to pick up a copy of Ephraim’s Curious Device at Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss the book trailer on YouTube.

In his boy stage, Furgo looks something like this

Go Fer and Furgo

In his boy stage, Furgo looks something like this

Kadmeion’s familiar lives in this room.

It’s difficult to tell who lives here, isn’t it? A boy and his dog? Well, the boy is a weredog. A cyanthrope is the magical name. Sometimes Kadmeion’s familiar is a dog. Other times he is a boy. He can even take on an in-between stage of a very hairy boy with a stooped posture who has a wonderful ability to track odors.

Apologies For the Pictures

Photography with a mundane camera is difficult in the Clockpunk Wizard world. The ~twisty~ magic shifts the images. But Kadmeion’s familiar is also an accommodating pup, so he will sit still for a few seconds. The Go Fer dog’s boy stage is even more difficult for a picture. His name is Furgo when he’s a boy. Kadmeion’s Inverse Magic must be strong so the weredog can hold his boy shape. The magic surrounding Furgo clouds the film. Digital photography doesn’t work at all in the Clockpunk Wizard world.

Go Fer Dog looks something like this

About Cyanthropes

Weredogs are rare in the Clockpunk Wizard world. Either the human or the dog must have special latent magic, and circumstances must change this magic into its dual nature. I won’t go into Furgo’s story here since Forever Boy has the details. It was a near thing with the Go Fer dog. He almost didn’t make it.

I hear that refreshments are ready for us in the galley. Follow me.

Announcing the Release of Forever Boy

Everyone is partying at Lita’s place until our paws turn white.

It’s time to break out the silly party hats and set your dessert on fire. Clockpunk wizardry is here.

I am pleased to announce today’s release of Forever Boy. In the novelette Forever Boy, a dog flees his cruel master, befriends a wizard, and discovers his shapeshifting magic.

Forever Boy is the first story in the Clockpunk Wizard series. These stories feature Wizard Kadmeion and his clockworks assistant Sir Bright. They are magicians-for-hire in a world of airships, floating islands, and homunculi powered by minor demons.

Magic in the Clockpunk Wizard world is twisty, inverse, and just not logical.  Even certain vegetables can animate and kill a man. It is a place where Da Vinci’s doodles have become science. A wizard’s curses have leather-like wings and torment the magician assistants. You will see that Luck is no lady.

But before you discover all of this, you must first meet Go Fer. He is a cynanthrope who digs for deadly mandrake roots and wants to become Kadmeion’s familiar. Tick tock. Time is running out for Go Fer. Forever Boy will explain why.

Forever Boy is an eBook, available now for downloading and immediate gratification from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.