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Review: Irrefutable Proof

Irrefutable Proof by Abby L. Vandiver is a science fiction story about Justin, a writer who publishes a novel about the translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and awakens a millennia-long conspiracy about the origins of humanity.

Justin’s Deceased Mentor Hides a Box of Secrets

Justin’s Deceased Mentor Hides a Box of Secrets

Justin plans to publish another book about the strange claims in ancient papers. Her husband and friends go with her to Israel to find a box hidden there by Justin’s deceased mentor. The box’s puzzling contents take her on a dangerous mission to meet indigenous ethnic groups that are untouched by modern culture. These ethnic groups have clues about ages-old mysteries.

Her sleuthing leads Justin to the Voynich Manuscript. This antiquity is a mash-up of ancient languages, apparent gibberish, and puzzling drawings. It holds the key to the origins of humanity. She must translate the Voynich Manuscript, an impossible task where everyone before her has failed. Her very life depends on it.

A Fold-Out Page of the Voynich Manuscript

A Fold-Out Page of the Voynich Manuscript (Photo credit: Public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Irrefutable Proof is a dandy science fiction mystery that swirls around ancient astronauts and deciphering clues in old scrolls. Abby L. Vandiver has a deft hand in mixing believable characters with dangerous situations.

Some truly evil people who will stop at nothing to keep ancient secrets safe come into Justin’s life, and they hide very well until they strike. At times, even Justin’s friends act suspiciously. Irrefutable Proof kept Lita guessing to the very last page.

Gentle Readers who love Science Fiction yarns and conspiracy thrillers about shadowy secret organizations would enjoy Justin’s world in Irrefutable Proof. Be ready to smell the musty papers and second-guess everything you read in these ancient puzzles.

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