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Alice Invites Lita to a Mad Tea Party

“Wrath” Takes Honorable Mention in Readers’ Favorite Contest

Lita is delighted to tell Gentle Reader that the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest named Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane as the Honorable Mention Winner in its Fiction-Short Story category.

Wrath, Prequel to Tredan's Bane - Honorable Mention Winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest
Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane – Honorable Mention Winner in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

Readers’ Favorite gives readers a resource for quality book reviews. Their annual book award contest offers authors the opportunity to gain recognition and exposure of their books.

This year, Readers’ Favorite honored one of Lita’s Enchanters of Sye stories. They named Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane as an Honorable Mention Winner in their annual book awards contest. Here is their 5 star review of Wrath.

Lita rushed over to Alice’s place to tell her good friend the news. “I am so discombobulated,” Lita said. “I forgot my handkerchief. I feel like a hobbit setting out on a grand adventure!”

As Usual, the Cake Made the Girls Grow
As Usual, the Cake Made the Girls Grow

Alice insisted they celebrate with a mad tea party. As usual, the cake made the girls grow, bump their heads on the ceiling, and giggle.

The tea from the bottle labeled “Drink Me” shrunk them to the size of dormouse. Then  they played the game of I Spy Things That Start with the Letter M until it was time for Lita to go home.

Readers’ Favorite reviewers have said kind things before about Lita’s stories. One reviewer described Wrath as “Lita Burke brings a magical world to life with a deft and economic use of words and imagery that is really quite remarkable.” Another reviewer gushed this about Tredan’s Bane: “The story is very intriguing and, at the same time, exciting.”

The award-winning Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane is now FREE on Amazon US, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Don’t wait—indulge yourself now with some tea, cake, and Wrath.

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Read more about Wrath in “Finalist in 2014 Readers’ Favorite Contest.” Don’t stop after reading Wrath. Continue your visit in Lita’s Enchanters of Sye fantasy world. Find out more about Tredan’s Bane, read the back cover blurb, revel in Chapter 1, watch the book trailer, and then have Tredan’s Bane join Wrath on your Kindle, Nook, or iPad/iPhone.

Winter Vineyard Thriller

Review: The Field of Blackbirds

The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a thriller about Jeff Bradley, a former New Zealand military man, and his dangerous quest to find a missing friend.

A Dispute Over a Family’s Vineyard
A Dispute Over a Family’s Vineyard

Jeff’s business associate Arben has travelled to Kosovo to see into a dispute over his family’s vineyard. Jeff gets a message from his panicked friend, and then suspects the worst when Arben disappears.

In a swirl of corrupt officials and honest friends who are almost impossible to tell apart, Jeff looks for Arben in the post-war city. Double crosses and shadowy events turn Jeff’s search into a dangerous plunge into the Kosovo bitter weather to find the truth.

The Field of Blackbirds is a well-written journey of desperate people struggling to regain their humanity in the soup of crooked local politics. Mixed in was a ghost intelligence agency on a relentless pursuit of an international terrorist.

A Swirl of Corrupt Officials and Honest Friends
A Swirl of Corrupt Officials and Honest Friends

The taut plot had twists to the end. Thomas Ryan’s well-drawn characters made Lita cheer their successes and also doubt their motives. The story’s sense of place was so well-defined that at times Lita felt the numbness of Jeff’s gloveless hands, and she wrinkled her nose at the sour odor of fear.

The Gentle Readers who love thrillers that make them stay up all night would enjoy The Field of Blackbirds. Be sure to wear gloves while reading this book to keep Kosovo’s frigid winter from nipping your fingers as you turn the pages.

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Fey-Folk at the Lily Pond

Review: The Water Lily Fairy

The Water Lily Fairy by Mary Ann Vitale is a children’s fantasy about a fairy that brings secret gifts to a village.

The Fairy Hides in Plain Sight
The Fairy Hides in Plain Sight

One day a group of fairies fly by a pond filled with water lilies, and a curious fae lingers to see the playing children. She folds her skirt just so and hides in plain sight because she looks like a closed lily. The children are from such poor families that the fairy wishes there was something she could do to ease their dreary lives.

She stays hidden at the pond and overhears the grumbling of the villagers during the day, and then through the night scatters gifts in the streets to satisfy their wishes. For three nights she leaves increasingly wondrous presents. The fairy then does something unexpected.

The Water Lily Fairy is a simple story gently told. The book brims with lovely and colorful illustrations. It is a perfect book to read to a wide-eyed child before bedtime to bring dreams filled with shimmering fairy magic.

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Pan's World

Review: Dark Mountain

Dark Mountain by C. B. Pratt is a fantasy about a hero for hire named Eno and his adventures to free the enthralled mine workers of a deranged magician.

Pan, the Goat-Footed Deity
Pan, the Goat-Footed Deity

Eno, recently home from a quest in Egypt, resumes his interrupted trip to his aging mother. The path takes him through Pan’s domain, and the woodland god has a deadly bone to pick with Eno.

On a previous adventure, Eno slayed Pan’s three daughters in self-defense. To make amends with the goat-footed deity, our hero must endure the woodland god’s curse plus do a good deed for Pan’s children.

Slavers ambush and capture Eno, along with a young man named Gwern. A clever ruse turns Eno into a shift captain of a most peculiar mining operation under a dark mountain. Gwern’s enslaved people have labored for generations in the thrall of an ancient mage who hears voices in the mountain’s rocks.

A Mage Hears Voices
A Mage Hears Voices

After the workers unearth the rock speaker, Eno then must use his superb strength, wits, and a touch of Pan’s curse to battle the darkest threat yet to Eno’s world.

Dark Mountain is a fun fantasy romp set in the time of Greek gods, ancient Egypt, and medieval villages. C. B. Pratt uses a skillful hand to create a vivid fantasy world where the reader smells the manure of the farmyards and feels the tickle of foaming ale on the lips. The conversations with the moody Pan are especially delightful. The Gentle Reader who likes heroic fantasy told through the eyes of a thoughtful strongman would enjoy Dark Mountain. This is the second of Eno’s enjoyable stories that Lita has read, and she looks forward to immersing herself in Eno’s next tale.

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Simon’s Desperation and Regret

Review: If I Should Die Before I Wake

If I Should Die Before I Wake by Gabriel Boutros is a novella fantasy thriller about a hit man, his prey, and a most disturbing hunt.

Simon's Former Unforgiving Boss
Simon’s Former Unforgiving Boss

Simon Wallis, a former gangster’s accountant caught embezzling from his unforgiving boss, runs for his life. Killer for hire Frank Burke, a sociopath with a predilection for Hawaiian beaches, tracks Simon. Nightmares plague both men in their desperate chase-and-elude game that ends in an unforgettable showdown in Montreal.

If I Should Die Before I Wake plunges the reader into a noir world of shadows and pursuit. From the start, Simon’s desperation and regret taste like a shot of rotgut whiskey whose burn lingers too long in the gut. When we see the story through Frank’s eyes, the sensual and entrepreneurial criminal oozes self-confidence. This professional killer is despicable and fascinating.

But the killer and quarry share reciprocal nightmares. Each man crumbles as the hunt draws to its close. In the end, the disturbing dreams merge in a most unexpected way.

Boutros spins a dandy thriller that greatly satisfies. If I Should Die Before I Wake left Lita uneasy, glancing over her shoulder before pouring another shot of rotgut to calm her nerves. Lita recommends this story for noir fans who love thrillers mixed with a touch of unsettling fantasy.

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Magical Flying Creatures Await

Review: The Seventh Birthday Wish

The Seventh Birthday Wish by Bruce E. Arrington and Florence Jayne is a fantasy picture book for ages 4-8 about Wesley and his magical adventure on his birthday.

Lita Found Enchanting Worlds Inside of Books
Lita Found Enchanting Worlds Inside of Books

In a faraway land lived Wesley, and when he turned four, a door without a handle appeared in his castle home. Wait he must until seven years old, when a door handle appeared on it and let him through. Beyond awaited an antechamber lined with many beguiling doors, but a special round portal beckoned him unlike all the others.

Kindly horses that fly—every child’s dream—gave Wesley a breathless ride. They whisked him away to visit an older boy. A problem awaited the lads, but the unexpected cause and their heartfelt solution was a delight.

The Seventh Birthday Wish is a lovely fantasy for grade school kids. The story took Lita back to a simpler time when she first found the enchanting worlds inside of books. Arrington’s rhymes, coupled with Jayne’s illustrations, made this charming story an absolute winner. A must read for fantasy fans of all ages, especially those young at heart.

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Kate Receives a Tarot Card Reading

Review: Trials of Hallion Book 1: Two of Swords

Trials of Hallion Book 1: Two of Swords by Maria Greene is an epic fantasy about a New York office worker named Kate who battles evil sorcery in a fantasy land.

A Magical Door Takes Kate into Hallion
A Magical Door Takes Kate into Hallion

Kate McKnight inherits Liliath Cottage from her eccentric Aunt Mattie. Soon after she arrives in her aunt’s Scotland hometown, a magical door takes Kate into Hallion. There she embarks on a quest to overthrow an evil sorcerer named Kil Morgol, whose magic is poisoning the land. Helping Kate is Scotland native Jamie Kirkland, the current Earl of McAndrew. Problem is, Jamie has rejected the Old Art of his lineage and is ill prepared to help Kate.

Eavesdropping Plants Have His Sinister Magical Taint
Eavesdropping Plants Have His Sinister Magical Taint

Soon after arriving in Hallion, Kate receives a tarot card reading that identifies puzzling obstacles in her upcoming journey. But it’s clear that Kate and her allies must find hidden scepters and a mysterious artifact called the Drewander Codex to gather magic powerful enough to defeat Kil Morgol. His sinister magical taint is everywhere, even in the eavesdropping plants. Time is running out for Hallion.

Trials of Hallion Book 1: Two of Swords is awhirl with a hero’s journey icons. While tarot card symbols are a familiar fantasy technique, the story uses it well. Maria Greene has a deft hand at scattering unusual people in Kate’s journey. A surprise awaits the reader concerning an unexpected shape shifter. Lita recommends this story for fantasy fans who like a traditional tale mixed with the practicalities of a modern-day heroine.

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